Summer Jewels at Willow Jewelry

Summer is finally here!

Time to bring out our summer clothes and summer accessories. Time to head down to the beach with our bathing suits, beach towels and flip flops.

Summer for me is all about colors. Vibrant colors, dainty jewelries paired with shorts and short dresses. That is summer.

During summer time I usually wear dainty accessories. Since it’s hot and humid during this season, less is more.

Here, at Willow Jewelry we have some cute dainty earrings with colorful stones that will match your mood and your outfit. And some dainty necklaces that will tie your whole outfit.

Willow Jewelry Summer Earrings


Sapphire, quartz, rose quartz.




Round White Quartz

We can make your earrings in any gem stones of your choice.

Willow Jewelry Summer Necklaces

Pearl Heart Necklace


Camellia Necklace


Please email us at: for inquiries and prices.

Or visit us at our Facebook Page


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