Story telling time – Back to the grind

The way to beat it is to go back to your normal grind. And that’s what I did. Even tho’ I was suffering from runny nose and no voice I literally went back to work and checked on my household.

First thing off, I fired the assistant of our cook.

That’s why I don’t like going away for a long time ’cause you don’t know what the household staff are doing. And the one thing I really hate is they don’t take care of our dogs. I hate that they don’t feed them on time.

And I caught Sara (the assistant of our cook) was not feeding them on time when I was gone.

It was past their feeding time and I was wondering why Schumi was still with me. So, I called the kitchen and asked why Schumi was still upstairs. Sara said papakainin ko na po mam. Bakit andito pa si Schumi? Kukunin ko na po.

Sara has been with us for like a month and a half only. When she first came I already told her the scope of her work.

Clean the kitchen (clean kitchen and dirty kitchen), wash the dishes, assist the cook when we eat, cook the food of the household staff AND cook the food of the dogs and feed them.

When I was interviewing her I did not like her. Medyo mayabang. HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management) graduate daw sya. Ha? What are you doing here? But I still gave her a chance.

Ever since my friend Myka told me not to feed our dogs dog food but rather real food we have been feeding our dogs human food. Myka taught me to buy sawdust meat in S&R and taught me how to cook it.

We feed our dogs morning and night only. I told her to defrost the sawdust meat every 3:00pm and when the meat is defrosted she can cook it already and by 6:00pm she can feed the dogs.

I told her specifically that I want all the dogs to be fed by 6:00pm. And she said yes, in front of Rhea, who is my trusted staff.

That’s what she has been doing ever since she came. But since I was not home for a week she probably stopped doing her scheduled work. Na sira ang schedule nya.

I went down to the kitchen and I saw her cooking the food and it was already past 7:00pm. I asked her why is she only cooking at this time.

Then the shit hit the fan, so to speak.

She started screaming at me saying: hindi ko naman trabaho yan eh. Hindi yan ang pinunta ko dito. Ang sabi sa akin assistant ako ng cook!

Eh, di lumipad ang water dish ni Schumi! That shut her up.

I told her to get out of my house ASAP. I don’t need this stress.

I shouldn’t have hired her on the get go. I felt it already when I first saw her.

Lesson learned.

I was suppose to have lunch out yesterday and go to my goldsmith. I was dressed and all that only to find out I don’t have a driver. Joshua was with Vinny.

So, nagpa picture na lang ako. I worked from home and ate paksiw na isda with bigas mais  for lunch. Sarap!

My auntie Inday asked me what I want to bring back to Manila and I told her I want bigas mais. So, she sent me some before I left.

Bigas mais is only available in Visayas and Mindanao. It is rice made of ground corn and that has been my favorite ever since I was small.






Linen Dress: Uniqlo  |  Espadrilles Sandals: Forever 21  |  Bag: Hermes Kelly Backpack  |  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  |  Watch: Rolex  |  Earrings: Vintage Chanel   |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Bvlgari Ring


  • Ms. Tina, your outfit here is really nice. And your make-up also. I don’t usually comment here (though i am a long-time reader), but I just had to say it. 🙂

  • awwwww! you just gave me an idea how to execute a perfect “b*tch fit” next time na sumagot sagot ang maid sa akin, magpapalipad na lang din ako ng gamit. Lol. before I just yell, and they’ll yell back at me (i guess hindi na nila alam ang kalulugaran nila) … it was like a scream fest and end up kicking them out of the house.

    • I couldn’t yell back at her cos I don’t have a voice now. I lost my voice when I was in Cebu. Na inis ako kasi na mili nang trabaho. And she should have told me from the start pa lang na ayaw nya. Then it would have saved us all the kagulohan. Good thing also I kicked her out cos my other staff doesn’t like her. I only found out now that I kicked her out.

  • bsig gipagutman niya si schumi and the other dogs when you were in cebu? kaluoy ba ni schumi. good thing you ditch the b*tch.

  • 1) love your total look , so appropriate for our weather

    2) my helper of two years just packed up and leave. Didn’t even give me warning but just demanded her wages for a few days ( just paid them their wages a few days before that). She made up the excuse that she couldn’t get along with the cook. I was so mad because I thought that I had treated her fairly well. Anyway , when she left and I had already gathered my wits,I realized that I had depended on her so much and her leaving forced me to take stock of what’s needed to be done and where our stuff are kept. And that’s a good thing.

    • that’s exactly what I felt when Rochelle left. I depended everything on her. When she left I felt so helpless. But the good part is the one who took over her place, Ruby, is better than her. Cleans better, works better and hindi atribida. But learned my lesson not to depend on them anymore. I learned to do the small stuff.
      Thanks! It is indeed summer already! So hot!

      • Same here. Learned to do the small stuff again glad you found a replacement already. Don’t want to get a new helper yet so I just hired someone to come in 3x a week.

      • yes, good thing we found someone. And better pa than Rochelle. It took us more than a month find a replacement also.

  • “So, nagpa picture na lang ako.” LOL that’s the best thing about you, never waste an opportunity and make the best of the moment. Sayang you looked extra pretty pa naman. I’m now thinking of cutting hair like yours. Sana bumagay.

  • wow that is so hilarious. you know your life is so colourful I wish someone would make a miniseries out of your stories. you had a superstar maid and a kontrabida maid and an evil maid who got jealous with the food she is cooking for your canine children and canine grandchildren. you also have stalkers and jealous bitches that would fill 12 episodes. I would title your show The Donya Housewife of Dasma as in TheDHD show. xo

  • Love your hair Ms. T and your hair color! This length suits you the best! Bakit kapag ako nagpapa-gupit ng bob sa David’s hindi ganito kaganda…LOL..Are you still using Revlon Colorsilk #54?

  • Hi maam please share the name of your stylist and the salon you go to for this cut. Thanks and more power!

    • Hi, Gia!

      I went to Ones Salon in Prince Plaza. The building in the corner of H.V. de la Costa and Legaspi St. in Legaspi Village. It’s very near Greenbelt 5 (entrance).
      The name of my stylist is Salve. She’s the owner of the salon.

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