No rest for the weary

I flew in from Cebu the other night. We finally laid my brother to rest last Sunday, March 6, 2016.

My trip to Cebu was bittersweet. This is the longest I stayed in Cebu ever since I left in mid 80’s. Usually when I go home to Cebu I only stay for a week end, over night or just for the day. This time I stayed for a week.



My brothers burial was very solemn and very beautiful. Only relatives and close friends. He was buried in our family mausoleum in the old cemetery in my dad’s hometown. This cemetery is very nostalgic for me ’cause growing up we come here all the time since this is where my grandparents (father side), my older brother, and most of my close relatives are buried.

I love the old rustic look of the place. The old cemetery vibe.

During the burial mass I was assigned to deliver the eulogy. It took me a few days to write the eulogy. Because every time I sit down and write I remember the good memories and I end up breaking down. It was very difficult to look back to those beautiful childhood memories.

Before I left for Cebu I finally finished my eulogy. Let me share it with you.

Eulogy for Erning

Erning was 1 year younger than me. He came after me, that means we grew up together and we were playmates, together with my other younger siblings. 

We laid the foundation together making that unbreakable bond.

Nobody really knew who Erning was. Because he was the silent type. He was the type who is around but doesn’t say anything.

Let me tell you who he really was. The way I know him.

Erning like I said was always silent. Meek and always calm. He was always there to listen. 

He was very thoughtful and never forget our birthdays. He would always be the first one to greet.

He struggled with life like most of us. We all had our struggling years. So did he. But we love him just the same.

Erning was a kind person. Good heart with a gentle soul. 

And that’s how I would want to remember him.

Thank you ‘ning for who you are to us.

Thank you for taking care of mommy and daddy and for always being there for them. Helping them out in the littlest way you can.

Thank you for being my # 1 fan.

Like what Maya Angelou said once : I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Thank you for making me feel good all the time. 

We all love you and you are greatly missed.

Go now in peace and be happy with our Lord.

This is not good bye ‘ning. But rather until next time….

After my eulogy our eldest, my sister Susan, thanked everyone who helped us during the wake and all through out the burial. Especially our Auntie Inday, who is like our second mother, who helped us every step of the way.

Grief is indeed one of the most painful feeling anyone can feel.


I was able to spend time with my family. My sisters, Susan (who is based in California) and Annie, my mom and dad, my brothers Dolping and Ryan and their families, my relatives and my childhood playmates who I haven’t seen in a long time.

I was able to go around the city during this trip (when I go home to Cebu I normally just stay in the beach). Visit places where I used to hang out. It looks different now but then again it still bring back good memories.

My close friends in Cebu hosted lunch for me and my sisters the day before I left and it was so nice to see them and hang with them again.




My good friend Ate’ brought me to the airport and treated me to dinner just so we could spend time together.

I flew back to Manila dead tired and sick.

But the very next day I had to go back to work right away. I had some orders that I needed to attend to that I left hanging when I left. So, for those of you who has some pending orders from Willow Jewelry, rest assured I am working on them right now.

I am also working on our Japanese visa ’cause Claudia’s birthday is coming and she wants to go to Tokyo for her birthday.

Life indeed does go on. Whether you like it or not.

I miss everyone back home.







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