Clothing Haul 2016

This is just my second time to do a clothing haul. The first time I did was early last year. You can view it here.

What a coincidence since the very first clothing haul I did was from Uniqlo. And this time this is also a haul from Uniqlo!

Uniqlo always surprises me.

I went to Uniqlo early this week ’cause I was looking for a white linen button down shirt for my Mom. I know they have nice linen button down shirts.

So, I went and as usual I always end up picking up more than I should.

I went crazy with their Inès de la Fressange collaboration which I didn’t know they had.

For you millennials out there who don’t know who Inès de la Fressange is, she is the Alexa Chung of my time.

A beautiful French model who was very popular during my time. She was one of my fashion icons.




Anyway, she has a collaboration with Uniqlo. I don’t know when it started. But it is still on going ’cause she still has new designs that are coming out until now.

These are the items I picked up in her line. Featuring just because tees.

She had nice thick linen pants. I picked up 2 colors only (she had a few other colors).






She also had chino pants. White, cream and khaki. I picked up the cream one ’cause I have so many white and khaki chino pants already.



I picked up also a few of her dresses! I super love all her dresses. It’s so French. Especially this one!



This is made of a very light cotton material. A baby pink and white very thin stripes. I can imagine French women wearing this with brown leather sandals and a hat. Coming out from a quaint French cottage!

I also love this one. It’s made of a thick linen material.



This one is the same material as the navy blue one.



I bought Claudia a baby blue and white thin stripes slacks. The type that falls a little above the ankle and just the right low waist (not too low waist). So French. She loved it and wore it the next day to the office. That’s why I couldn’t take a picture of it.

It is also so nice. In fact I’m planning to go back and get for me, too.

My Uniqlo clothing haul 2016


  • Ang gaganda ng items ng Uniqlo jan sstin Mam Tin, dito sa Thailand di ganun kagaganda collections nila 😦

  • Wow, the pants fall really well! I have a few of her tops from last season – the long sleeved ones. I get a lot of compliments because of the little details here and there and how it fits me. It must be the “French” fit. Too bad I live in one of the few countries where there is no Uniqlo. I stalk their website and ask my mom to buy me a few pieces when she’s visiting.

  • Ines de la fressange is not as good as you as an employer Miss T. I don’t know if you know about it.She has a
    huge property not far from my place.

  • Tina, check the Lemiere collection too – not sure if Uniqlo released it here na. Very nicely structured items using great material and solid basic colors. Loving the seeksucker shirts and pants too. 🙂

  • This is the 5th season of Inès’s collaboration with Uniqlo. The first one came out in SS2014. I think I have at least one piece from each collection. Even when I don’t seek it out, I always end up buying something from the collaboration. They’re just really good, well-made, reasonably priced basics.

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