My favorite drugstore brands in Watson’s

A few of my friends and readers who are make up junkies have been requesting me to post what my favorite drugstore brands are in Watson’s.

I have been wanting to do this but I got sidetracked by some personal things that I need to focus on.

Anyway, here it is.



Flormar is a European drugstore brand. What I like is their baked blushes and baked eyeshadows.


I have tried their baked blushes and their eyeshadows and it’s really nice. Very pigmented and buttery.



This is another European brand from Milan, Italy. I have tried their bronzers and blushes and I like it. They also have nice eyeshadows. One thing I like also is the packaging. It doesn’t look cheap.

Look at their eye shadows! You’d be surprise how pigmented they are.



I first heard about Essence from European beauty gurus in YouTube that I follow. They seem to go crazy about this brand. First it is good and second it is dirt cheap. Then eventually American YouTubers began mentioning this brand. That’s why I was so shocked last year when I saw it in Watson’s.


Essence blushes is a good dupe for the Tarte blushes. Their lip pencils are good at P99.00 each. Their eye brow gel is also good.



I mentioned Catrice since 2014. I saw it in Watson’s and decided to try it. Next thing I know everyone in YouTube started to rave about this brand. I like their eye pencils, their blushes, their eye shadows and their mousse foundation.



I have been wanting to get hold of this brand since before. I always hear all YouTubers mentioned this. Even Lisa Eldridge like this brand! I’m so happy that this is already available in Watson’s.



I discovered this brand a long time ago maybe 3-4 years. This is a German brand. This is kinda pricey compared to the other brands. Like their eye pencils are P1k+. But I like this brand. The last time I went to Watson’s they didn’t have that much stuff anymore. It got sold out. They should be re stocking soon.



We all love NYX! I’m just happy that it is available here. Altho’ they are not complete but pwede na.



The sales girl told me BYS means Be Your Self. There are some products that I don’t like but most are good.

I hope Watson’s will still bring in more cosmetics brands. There’s still a lot out there!


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