The Process of renewing passport

So, yesterday was my appointment in DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) to renew my passport.

When I got back from our trip (last Dec. 2015) the first thing I did was renew my passport. I was planning to go first Monday of the year. Vinny asked me, did you make an appointment already? I said, you need to have an appointment?

I already forgot the process. Before you just go to DFA early in the morning and line up. First come first serve basis.

Vinny said: mom, go online and get an appointment.

So I went online and the first available date was 10:30 am Feb. 10, 2016 and in DFA SM Mega Mall.

I took the first available date and I printed my application form.

It says for passport renewal all you need to bring is your expired passport and the application form that you downloaded from their site.

I was ready since a month ago.

I got ready as early as 8:00 am cos I wanted a full face make up. I have to be pretty in my passport picture. I will be carrying that passport for the next 10 years? or 5 years?

After Joshua dropped Vinny in the office we went straight to Mega Mall. Nag away pa kami ni Joshua kasi he’s not used to the streets around Mega Mall and he turned the wrong way so we got stuck in one of the streets and the traffic was not moving. And he dropped me in the wrong entrance. uggghhhh.

I barely made it to my appointment. I arrived in front of DFA at exactly 10:29am. Muntik pa akong nadapa. Ang sarap patayin ni Joshua.



Their system was quick and orderly. There were DFA employees assisting you every step of the way.

The minute you go in you go to the information counter and they process your application form (actually they just check it) and they give you a small paper for the steps that you need to go through. Then they tell you to proceed to processing.


There was not much people. yay.  I waited for like 15 to 20 minutes. I did not bring a photo copy of my old passport so one of the assistants told me to have my old passport photo copied. They have a copier behind these chairs. It was very convenient. I paid P6.00 to have my passport photo copied.

After processing my application form they told me to go to the cashier.

The cashier asked me if I want regular or expedite processing. Regular was P950.00 while expedite is P1,200.00 I chose expedite which was I think maximum of 10 days.

After paying the cashier they told me to go to encoding.


There were not much people also. yay. I waited for like 15 – 20 mins only. One of the assistants approached me and told me to remove all my jewelries. Earrings and necklaces.

This is the step where they take your picture.


When it was my turn already the guy that encoded me asked me:

DFA guy: ano ho yan nasa mata mo mam.

me: saan sa mata ko? (I took my pink magic mirror and look at myself. Baka I have something on my face.)

DFA guy: yung itim na nandito (pointing his eye) eye liner ho ba yan?

me: oo eyeliner

DFA guy: paki tanggal lang mam. yung itim na nandito sa mata mo, paki tanggal (he wants me to erase my freaking cat eye flick!)

me: ay hindi matangal yan kasi waterproof yan.

DFA guy: kailangan mo talaga tanggalin yan mam. Hindi pwede dito yan.

me: sandali. Bakit mo kasi pinapaki alaman yung make up ko. Isang oras ko ‘tong ginawa. 

It took me about 5 minutes to remove my cat eye flick. With my hands. Waterproof gel eyeliner. Leche.

My cat eye flick wasn’t really noticeable. I really don’t put crazy cat eye flick. You can even hardly see it.


After taking my picture he told me to sign a document and check if all information is right. My picture (that he just took) was already in that document. I looked at the picture and told him: “alam mo useless din naman na pinataggal mo yung eyeliner ko kasi hindi naman mahalata dito eh. Ang pangit ng lighting nyo”

And then I left. Kakainis.

After encoding I went to courier to pay. I paid for express which was P150.00


Finally, I am no longer a fugitive! Well, technically after 10 days. hahaha.






Top: Polo Ralph Lauren  |  Jeans: 7 For All Mankind  |  Brogues: Mark & Spencers  |  Bag: Hermes Birkin  |  Watch: CK  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Willow Jewelry South Sea Pearls Earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Roman Numerals Bangle


  • I wish they have guidelines for the photo-taking. Like, really — eyeliner flick? Sometimes, there are kind ones who let you preview your image, then give a second or third shot to satisfy you. Congratulations on almost not being a fugitive, haha 😉

      • Morning pa lang, masungit na si DFA guy. Hay, I hope your photo will still turn out well. This reminds me of those mug shots in the US where despite being arrested, there are some who still look good in their mug shots. Kakainis yung kahit pangit ang lighting, litaw ang ganda o kaguwapuhan. Hahaha

  • oh how you always make me smile and laugh ms tina. kakaaliw your conversation with the DFA guy. anyway still you are so gorgeous!

  • Hahaha…..when I accompanied my son at DFA Macapagal Ave, the lady was telling a female applicant that her pimple was not “acceptable” 😄 and this was said in a loud voice! She then took out her cream foundation and told the applicant to use it😰😰 the poor applicant had no choice but to use the foundation’s sponge, which looked as if it had not been washed, ever😀

  • Hahahahha Ms. T ang lakas ng tawa ko! But I swear even here in SG ang panget ng lighing nasa tuktok ng ulo ko so ung ilong kong d katangusan nagkashadow pa! Ang chaka talaga ng picture. Sobrang panget ko sa passport photo gusto ko walain passport ko para magpagawa ulit! Lol!

    Pero ang bad nila as in bagong gising look lang ang pwede. :))

  • ‘ahahahahahaha,omg i livvv you MsT.u really are a character,napapatawa mo talaga ko!lecheng cat eye flick,try lecheng photographer!hahahaha,this is so funny.cheers

  • Nakakaaliw ka talaga, Ms. Tina! Anlakas ng tawa ko sa ‘Ang pangit ng lightning nyo!’ 🙂 Bagay na bagay sa’yo ang short hair mo. Gandaaaaa!

  • Hahaha sayang nga your makeup. We have to mail everything here so I get to attach the best photo I can take to the application. My husband was nagging me to send application already because it took me months and countless photo tries to get the best photo to send. It took me forever that my passport actually expired. Like you said it will the picture the immigration officers will be staring at for the next 10 yrs. : )

  • LOL! I was very pleased with my pic though! I can relate sa hirap tanggalin ang eyeliner… kahit nga hindi waterproof nag smudge both sa eye corners and sa fingers. leche hahahah!

  • Congrats! Did you smize? We are not allowed to smile in our photos so dapat ganda mata pag picture 😉

    I live in Toronto and we don’t have to take the photos at the passport office. You can do it yourself or go to a photo studio but they have rules also about what the photo should look like.


  • Hi Ms. Tina. It’s my first time to comment here. I’ve been reading your blog for less than a year now. I just can’t contain my laughter right now. Benta saken lahat ng punch lines mo dito tska yung muntik ka ng madapa. Wapoise sana. LOL! =)

  • I just renewed my passport 3 weeks ago.
    Me: Pakisabi na lang po kung magpicture na kayo ha? Ang panget kasi ng photo ko sa lumang passort.
    The Guy at the Embassy: Ok na po, mas maayos tingnan ang photo nyo ngayon kesa sa luma nyong passport. Hindi na po kayo mukang nalugi!!
    Me: Oo luging-lugi talaga itsura ko dyan kasi na-snatch ang bag ko, kasama ipad, wallet, passport ko at passport ng kaibigan ko. Bukod don, nagrenew ako September 2012, nakuha ko April 2013 dahil nasira ang machine nyo sa manila.Eh hanggang Feb lang yung visa ko, nagbayad ako ng $300 sa immigration for overstaying!
    The Guy: Ganon po ba? Di bale ang ganda nyo naman sa passport ngayon, wag nyo lang ipa-snatch ulit.

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