The dust has settled (hopefully)

I put my life on hold the last few days.

I have to. I need to.

Altho’ I am not in Cebu physically I made myself available and on top of everything 24 hours a day.

This is the first time that a very close family member is sick and we (my parents and my siblings) are not use to it. The system (how to go about it), the feelings (how to stay strong and acceptance) and most of all keeping the love intact.

So, for the past few days (when my life was on hold) I did all that. Me, my sisters and my brothers. Did just that.

I’m lucky that I have a very solid moral support. The people around me has just been so great.

They gave me the space that I needed but always there when I need to talk and a shoulder to cry on.

And of course you guys here is part of that solid moral support that I so badly need.

Thanks for the prayers. Thanks for the love. Thanks for being there.

Life does go on.


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