January 2016 Haul

Yesterday after my lunch with Roxanne I dropped by Rustan’s to check out MAC’s new Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolors that came out this week.

They were not complete in all the shades and 2 are already sold out. Mark (sales assistant) told me they will be re stocking soon and the other shades that they don’t have yet are arriving soon also.

I picked up 4 shades. I’m not really hot on these shades (you know me I am more into nudes) but I still picked it up anyway.

Left to right: Feels So Grand, Tailored To Tease, Divine Divine & Mademoiselle



It’s not so bad. I think I’m going to like these shades.

I also picked up a few items in MAC. You cannot go inside MAC and not browse around. And Mark (sales assistant) who was following me around kept on sales talking. So, I picked up this Warm Neutral palette.


It has 3 matte shades and the rest are all shimmery

I also picked up this eye shadow duo in Ever Amethyst. Aside from browns I also like purples and burnt oranges for my eye shadows.


How pretty is this? Love it!

I also picked up Lustre Drops. It’s a liquid illuminator. I’m not really in the market for a new illuminator. I have a lot already. But Mark insisted I get this ’cause this is one of their bestseller items.


And they have in stock now of the middle size of the brushes that I was looking for! I already have the 2 sizes of this. So, now I’m complete.


When I went out of MAC, Janice of Bobbi Brown called me. So, I went to her and we talked for awhile. She told me I look nice with my new hair blah, blah, blah… Sa kaka blah, blah, blah namin I went home with these:

Bobbi Brown 4 Pan Palette


Top: Cocoa & Toast  |  Bottom: Taupe & Camel

All these shades are all matte. I was the one who chose these shades and I bought their 4 pan palette. I love the design of their palette.

Look! So, cute


I also got their long wear gel eyeliner. My NARS gel eyeliner dried out! Bummer. Mas mabuti pa yung NYX and Maybelline gel eyeliners they don’t dry out. I’m using now the NYX gel eye liner and it’s so good. But anyway, I got this to try out. I heard that Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner is good.


Janice convinced me to get their highlighting powder. She said this used to be limited edition but they made it permanent ’cause it became one of their best sellers.

Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow


If I pass by Bobbi Brown I cannot not pass by NARS. When I went out of Bobbi Brown my NARS girls were looking at me. So, I went there and said hello.

I saw the eye shadow single that I have been looking for.


Single Eyeshadow in Persia

I also picked up their Matte Multiple in Exumas


And I picked up another multiple stick The Multiple in Riviera


The NARS girls always give me samples. Love it! They gave me samples of their new Bronzing powder.


Okay, I’m done I need to go home already. Joshua’s going to pick up Vinny in the office anytime now. So, I went down to the grocery ’cause that’s where Joshua parked. But I cannot not pass by Healthy Options (Healthy Options inside the grocery). I passed by Healthy Options and came home with these:

They have in stock already of my favorite shower gel! Andalou Naturals Aloe Mint Shower Gel. I have been looking for this since last year. And they only re stock now. I grabbed 2 tubes right away. I know they ran out of this quickly.


I also picked up their new scents. Cirtus Verbena and 1000 Roses. I’ve haven’t tried these scents yet


Aura Cacia has new beauty oils. Grapeseed and Vegetable Glycerin Beauty Oils


Avalon Organics have new products, too. The Wrinkle Therapy with Rosehip oil. And I love Rosehip oil. So, I picked up these.

Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy Perfecting Toner and  Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy Night Creme


I also picked up the Facial Serum


I am so excited to use this!

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses line has new products! I like Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses line. I have been using their toner as a spray mist and it has been life changing for me.

So, I picked up the following 1000 Roses new products:

Eye Revive contour Gel


1000 Roses Rosewater Mask


1000 Roses Beautiful Day Creme


1000 Roses Heavenly Night Creme


I have been using Derma e Vitamin A & Green Tea Advanced Creme ever since I ran out of my Retinol day creme. The girl in Healthy Options recommended it to me. And I like it. So, when I saw Derma Vitamin A Glycolic Mask I picked it up right away.


I also picked up another eye creme. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal revitalizing Eye Cream


You all know I love the beauty products in Healthy Options. They’re all organic. I have been using their products for 5 years now and they have never failed me.

You might be wondering how I use all these creams and oils. I love layering products on my face. Since they are organic you’ll never go wrong.

Halika na Joshua uwi na tayo. Pagod na ako.


  • it’s good vinny needed to be picked up, otherwise your haul would have been kilometric!! 😆
    love the browns/nudes and everything andalou!

  • The andalou and avalon organics can be bought from iherb.com (online shop). I’m too lazy to create my own account there, so I usually ask a colleague to include my orders whenever she buys hers. And she said it worked well so far, quick shipping and great customer service. We are not from iherb but just giving you idea if it is something that you would want to try. Hope that helps. Now that you have great reviews about these products: andalou and avalon (facial care) I now consider to add them on my next iherb shopping list.

  • I started buying all these organic brands because you keep raving about them! I buy them at marshalls cos they are much cheaper although they dont Carry everything so i have to go often to check (not complaining though). Try to visit winners or marshalls when you visit canada for your son’s graduation im sure you will find a million and one new products and for super discounted prices 🙂

    • I was really planning to blog (right before we leave) and ask my readers from Canada where to shop for drugstore brand products. Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind! Winners and Marshalls.
      BTW, did you like the organic brands that you bought? Please let me know!
      Thanks again!

      • Ill compile a list of brands and where to find them and send it to you! Also there are a lot of local organc skincare brands only found in vancouver so Youre in luck!!! I love andalou naturals and alba cosmetics. Just bought the hawaiian eye gel for less than $8. Also other organic brands i found in winners: sukin & antipodes. High end makeup brands like cle de peau, & lancome

      • yay!!! Thanks Cristina. I really appreciate it. I super love organic skin care and beauty products. All Korean skin care and beauty products are all organic that’s why it is good and Koreans have good skin!
        I have Alba cosmetics too! They’re also good!
        That Hawaiian eye gel is also good.
        Thanks again! I’ll wait for that list. Maybe you might want to email it to me. tinatagle59@gmail.com

      • Hi, Cristina! Yes I saw your email already but I haven’t read it yet. I’ll read it later. Thanks! Much appreciated.

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