my make up station – updated

I updated my make up station (place where I put on my make up not the storage of my make up) yesterday. I usually put on my make up where there is enough natural light coming in and that’s near the window.

This time I moved it right in front of the window. I know it’s bad for the make up because the sunlight might hit the make up and will melt. But the place where I moved the sunlight won’t directly hit my make up. So, it’s safe.

This is how it looks like now:



I used the corner part of my bookshelf. I haven’t tried putting my make up in this new area yet ’cause I am not done fixing it. But I kinda like it here ’cause there’s more natural light and I can see my face better.

These are the make up I use everyday. I change it every week or if I am lazy every 2 weeks.

On the left side are my eye liners (pencils & gels), eye brow stuff (powders, gels & pencils), mascaras, highlighters, falsies, adhesives, eye lash curlers
On the left tray are all my eye shadow palettes that I will use for this week. On the right tray are my blushes, bronzers, contours and in the white tray are my eye shadow singles.
Below are my liquid lipsticks. On the left side is my Morphe blush palette.

On the top counter:

These are my lipsticks that I use this week. I change it every week or every 2 weeks. Behind are my Eye shadow sticks and my cotton buds.
These are my eye make up brushes and concealer brushes. I use these for my eye shadows and concealers.
This is how the left side of the counter looks like
The right side of the counter is where my mirror is. My foundations (this week I’m using L’Oreal True Match, Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, and Chanel Aqua Lumiere), my floral spray mist, my sunblock, my beauty oil, my sponges, my Ben Nye translucent powder and my primers. The white can on the right is my dry shampoo. Those black boxes in front are my MAC’s new brushes that I am going to try soon. I haven’t use it yet. I place it there so I won’t forget.
On the far end of the counter, on top of my white drawer organizer are my face brushes (I use this for my blushes, foundation, contouring, and powder), my hand mirrors and more eye shadow sticks that I hardly use. 

Inside my white drawer organizer are my drugstore make up that I have’t use yet, my stock of wipes and tissue paper. There’s also some make up inside the drawers that I don’t use anymore.

Like I said yesterday I bought some Maybelline lipsticks that just came out recently. Here they are:

Maybelline LIPgraduation



At the other end of the stick is a rubber smudger. You can use it to smudge the lipstick to blend it better.

Here’s the swatch. left to right: Mauve 1, Coral 1, Red 1


I also picked up other Maybelline lipsticks that caught my eye.

top: ColorShow Pastel Rocks Lip Color in 317 Nude But Nice  |  middle: ColorShow Creamy Matte Lip Color in M301 Barely Nude  |  bottom: ColorShow in 401 Sweet Orchid

Here’s the swatch. Left to right: Barely Nude, Nude But Nice, Sweet Orchid


There’s a lot of new lipsticks in Maybelline that has really nice shades.


Maybelline LIPgraduation: P399.00

Maybelline ColorShow: P299.00

MAC’s new liquid lipsticks is coming out this week. I’ll pick up a few shades and I will swatch and give you review once I pick it up.

Be kind to everyone and stay beautiful!


  • make up heaven! I am hoping that you will post a make up tutorial for every day look. I have to do my make up every day for work but I am getting bored of the same look. I want something minimal but still put together for the office. Thank you Ms. T!

    • I have been trying to make a tutorial video Christine but somehow I can’t finish it cos I keep on laughing. I don’t know but I feel stupid talking to the camera! But I’ll still try. Who knows? Thanks!

      • Winner! hahaha I just love your very honest and candid reply and I can just imagine you laughing out loud parang sa bloopers sa movies. I have the same problem, I’ve been wanting to do tutorials nman on some plant propagation pero nasasagwaan ako sa boses ko at minsan di maiwasan may accent talaga, matigas ang English ko hahaha. Maybe you can do it without talking, some make up tutorials nman di sila nagsasalita. I hope you can do some tutorials in the future!

  • yes mam Tin, nice po sya.. araw araw ko na syang ginagamit. meron dito nude color na lip gradation, mukhang maganda… try ko din next time un.

  • yes Mam Tin, meron dito.. kaso ang bilis maubos 😦 nakaraan tester nalang naabutan ko hahahah! if meron po uler, I’ll buy you one kaso sa April ko pa mabibigay sau pag uwe ko heheheh

    • ang dami palang shades. Dito mga anim lang yata. I am not sure maybe na out of stock din yung ibang shades. mga 6 lang yung nakita ko.

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