My week in review

I feel so much better this week. I can feel my hormones normalized already. So, I was up and about most of this week.

Some sad news lately. A few deaths. René Angelil (husband of Celine Dion), a great artist Alan Rickman and last week we lost an icon, David Bowie. Early this month we also lost Natalie Cole. Sad to lose this great and talented people.

Finally this week I worked on our internet connection. We have been suffering really shitty connection for more than 2 years already. 2 years ago we upgraded to FIBR but it didn’t help. We upgraded it to the highest plan but still the same.

I bought so many wifi routers. I buy every time a new PLDT FIBR tech comes to the house. In 2 years I’ve bought 3 new different routers.

I bear the kids complain every single day. And I feel so frustrated every time they complain about something and I can’t fix it. It makes me feel like I am not a good mother.

I asked my good friend Tina M. of SMART Communication to help me solve my problem. What a coincidence ’cause she’s good friends with the Vice President of PLDT FIBR. She contacted him and they sent people and check what our problem really is.

I have been working with them for like a week already and their suggestion is to put individual routers in each room.

So, for 2 days Pascual (our electrician) and Clarence (our houseboy) has been wiring all the rooms. Early this week I bought a switcher and 1 extra router. I still have all the routers that I bought last year that we never get to use.

Yesterday they did Claudia and Vito’s room. Today, they did Vinny’s and my room. So, by Monday when PLDT FIBR comes back we are ready to install the routers in all the rooms.


Let’s see if our connection will improve. I hope it does ‘tho, ’cause I have done everything already. I will update you.

This morning Rhea (one of our house girls) handed me this. Paper & Co. sent me a planner/coloring book.


It’s so cute! It’s good to bring with you when you’re traveling ’cause it is a coloring book as well. You can play with it when you’re on a flight or while waiting for your flight. And I love colorful planners. I usually use different colored pens and draw a lot in my planners.



You can find Paper & Co. at:



Yesterday, Roxanne and I went to lunch in Wildflour Salcedo, our favorite lunch place. It was such a breather to be out of the house. I had their Kimchi fried rice with braised beef and Roxanne had their organic roasted chicken. So, yummy.




Top: H&M  |  Khaki Pants: DKNY  |  Espadrilles: Casa Hernanz  |  Bag: Hermes Mini Birkin  |  Sunglasses: MiuMiu  |  Watch: Michael Kors  |  Earrings: Chanel  |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Willow Jewelry Antique Inspired Necklace  |  Bvlgari Ring


    • I agree! We have the worst internet connection! Every time Vito comes home he always compare. And even Vinny too. You won’t believe it but when we went to Maldives I was shocked with there internet connection. It is so fast. Anywhere you go in that island we went to the connection was so strong. I really don’t know why we can’t improve ours. 🙁

  • I can understand there might be some dead spots at your home. We live in a 3 bedroom condo with our router at the hallway pero 2 bedrooms keep having intermittent signal. We changed router too and upgraded our internet plan. And this is SG already. Lol pag nasa sala ok lahat, pagpasok ng room, wala na.

    Thats why we bought repeater and install it in an area of the house para ung other bedrooms may signal. This is recommended by my colleague. The signal gets repeated pero if the internet is really slow, this will not help. It will not boost speed just amplify the wifi signal.

    • Actually the PLDT FIBR tech guy that came to our house said that this is what they usually do to most houses here in our village. If the house is big and the walls are made of concrete signal will hardly go in inside the rooms. That’s why they suggest to put routers in the rooms instead of outside.
      That’s what we will do now. Have routers in each rooms.
      We will see. Hopefully it will work. I’m crossing my fingers.
      I don’t have that much problem in my room, I usually have 2 bars but in Claudia’s room which is far from the router she doesn’t or hardly get any signal at all.

  • ‘is that why i ddnt get replies fr my emails?well,just two.ur back from ur posh holiday🌴👌.welcome back to d most entertaining,funny,down to earth blogger in Mla😊Ive missed so much of ur blogs lets blame d krissy rush🎄So,rochelle exited 😞Lets hope u find someone equally entertaining.cheers.did i mention u have a fantastic life?😜

    • Hi Chat! Sorry. I’ll be replying emails soon. Been so busy and I got ‘sick’ when I got back! I worked on some backlogs. I’ll reply soonest! Please forgive me!!!

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