My latest obsession

There are days when my hormones go super crazy for like a week (it only happens like twice or thrice a year). I don’t feel like doing anything and my mood is terrible. What I do is I just stay in my room.

When I was on my self imposed hiatus last week I did nothing but watch videos on YouTube all day long. It was very calming and it relaxed me.

While on hiatus I discovered a few channels that I got hooked on. ItsjudyslifeBretman Rock and PatrickStarr. They are Filipinos from the U.S. Judy is from Seattle (I think) (I’m not sure) , Bretman is from Hawaii (I am sure) and I don’t know where Patrick is actually based. Either L.A or Miami.


Some of you must have heard about her ’cause she’s already famous in social media She has more than 1m subscribers to her channel in YouTube and 760k Instagram followers.

She’s married to a Japanese American named Benjie. Both of them take turns in filming their vlog. Their vlog is about their daily life raising 3 kids. It’s chaotic most of the time but fun.

I love watching her interactions with her kids. Julianna 3 y.o., and her 1+ y.o. identical twins Miya and Kiera.

The twins are already learning how to talk and it’s just so fun to watch. Especially Judy sometimes throws in some tagalog phrases like “gusto mo ng palo?” which the kids picked up and use it.

And Julianna is just so adorable and a sweet girl. One episode Judy went to yoga and when she came home Julianna says the sweetest thing “I miss you mommy.”

This is one of my favorite vlogs when Julianna was having a tantrum and Kiera was talking to her. So funny: you want palo?”

Bretman Rock

Bretman is different. He’s a 16 year old gay high school student from Hawaii who loves make up. And he is just the funniest. I actually discovered him when someone posted on Facebook (sometime last year) one of his videos.

He is already very popular in the social media scene. In Instagram alone he has 3.4m followers and in YouTube he has 421,099 subscribers.

One of my favorite videos (warning: this might not be for everyone): How to contour

His latest video is a Q&A about his Filipino roots: Filipino Q&A

Patrick Starr

Patrick is a professional make up artist. Parang he’s an older Bretman. I enjoy watching his tutorials, it’s not my style (it’s full on make up) but just watching his videos is sort of therapeutic for me. I know it’s weird but watching him relaxes my nerves.

And of course he is so funny!

He transforms himself from this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10

to this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10

Patrick is also famous in the social media scene. He has 645+ YouTube subscribers and 971k Instagram followers.

One of my favorite videos of Patrick is when he transforms himself to Kendall Jenner:

Kendall Jenner Make up tutorial

It’s nice to know that there are famous Filipinos making names in social media. Altho’ they are not based here but knowing  they have Filipino roots and very proud of it makes me proud to be a Filipino, too.

So, if you have some spare time and want to be entertained try watching their videos.



Bretman Rock

Patrick Starr



  • Judy also does makeup tutorials/first impressions! Itsjudytime 🙂 I love her, wish she still uploads regularly!

    • She does! In fact daily. But her videos now are all about her kids. I haven’t watch any of her tutorials and first impressions yet. I’m just new to her channel! Her kids are so adorable!

      • You should, Ms. T! Informative ng first impressions niya 🙂 It’s in her main Youtube channel – itsjudytime not the itsjudyslife 😀 (I haven’t watched her vlogs in ages! Makapanood nga)

      • Between you & me. I am not a fan of Benjie. I find him corny. Hehehehe. I only watch Judy and her kids. I fast forward the video if it’s him na. Hahahahaha! I’m so bad.

  • Awesome Post! Watching Bretman Rock made me laugh out loud in the middle of a client meeting….I got such dirty looks 🙂

  • You should watch Judy’s earlier vlogs (wedding, holiday in Japan & Phil, product reviews). I have been a subscriber of her Itsjudystime for almost 3 years na. Makikibulong na rin ako ha, i also don’t like Benjie, parang iba kasi and dating eh. Thanks for sharing – sisilipin ko rin yung mga bading hehe…

    • omg! I thought it was only me. That’s true, iba ang dating nya. Parang he is just acting. Not Like Judy you can tell. What you see is what you get. I just recently discovered Judy’s channel.

      Yes, watch the mga badings and get ready to laugh! hahahahaha Especially Bretman.

  • i heart patrick! i watch bretman and judty sometimes, but like a lot of people, benjie is a turn off for me. 🙂

  • yay!! I’m also a fan of Judy and her family super aliw!!! I also didn’t like Benji when I started watching their vlogs. Same impression din like corny and super daldal nakakainis talaga! but siguro I got used to his antics na hehe..Love her kids so adorbs! 🙂

  • I love watching itsjudyslife! Big fan here and her girls are so adorable! Have you seen the video where they were pretending to prepare food for Judy and Benji? The twins kept saying “be patient” and “it’s hot” over and over again! Haha it was hilarious and also the cutest! Yeah Benjie is kinda corny and annoying at times, but I do love that he cooks alot for his girls. I will check the 2 other channels. Mabuhay and pinoys sa youtube!

  • Hi Tina! Didn’t realize you watched itsjudyslife. Cool! Parang si Sharon Cuneta, hahaha! She’s a fan! Anyway, having met Benji, I would say that kaya siya ganon on video is that he is a very serious person in real life. Kaya parang trying hard on screen. His life is all business. Siya business manager ni Judy. But Judy is the same in person. So sweet. I would attribute it to her being Pinay, and Benji obviously got the Japanese serious side. But they are both nice.

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