Tinder Moments

The famous Rochelle has finally left us. For good.

Actually she asked permission if she can go home (‘cos her nanay wants her to go home already) a week before Christmas.

I told her to just go on vacation and come back. But she said her nanay doesn’t want her to work anymore. Which I doubted because I know she is the breadwinner in their family.

So, I told her just go home after the holidays which she agreed.

She left the other day. But I told her to come back anytime just in case she changes her mind.

Yesterday, when Rhea (laundry girl) was doing my roots I asked her.

mam: babalik pa kaya si Rochelle? Do you think Rochelle will come back?

Rhea: hindi na yun babalik mam. I don’t think she’s coming back mam.

mam: bakit mo alam? How do you know?

Rhea: mag aasawa na yun mam. she’s getting married already mam

mam: ha? bakit? may boyfriend ba yun?  What? Does she have a boyfriend?

Rhea: kami nga rin mam eh na gulat din. Pero totoo mam may boyfriend si Rochelle. Ang boyfriend nga ang nag sundo sa kanya dito mam.

Even us got shocked. But it’s true mam she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the one who picked her up here.

mam: ha? paano at saan nya na kilala? Bihira lang yun mag day off.

what? where and how did she meet the boyfriend? She hardly goes on day off.

Rhea: sa Tinder mam.



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