Story Telling Time – The People You Know

Now that I am settled (from my trip) I need to address something that happened when I was on vacation.

I promised myself I will face this issue head on. Some of my friends said do not dignify it, some said let it go, The Rock said don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.


I will address this in my own terms. You know why? 1. because I am so sick and tired of people talking about me like they know me 2. because I can.

Addressing it will not solve the issue. People will still talk no matter what. I just want the people concerned know that I know.

I will use whatever power I have. And that’s why you are reading about this now.

I was right smack in the middle of my holiday with my kids when I received a text from Vinny who was all the way in Bali. He said he just received a text from his close friend, let’s call her “friend.” I know all of Vinny’s close friends. They’re like my kids, too.

He forwarded to me “friend’s” text.


Vinny asked “friend” to take pictures of these people. And he forwarded the pictures to me.

When Vinny told me this I just laughed about it. Vinny said they’re probably just your followers.

When I saw the pictures the more I thought yea, they’re probably just followers ’cause I did not know any of them.

I sent the pictures to the chatroom on Facebook of my group in Cebu and asked them if they know these people.

When they told me who these people are and know who these people are close to, I knew right then and there that they are not my followers.

They are my haters.

I was given a background of these people. The well known chismosas in school.

I threw it in the wind and forgot about it and continued to enjoy my time with my kids.

So, now that I am back help me understand, please.

How can you talk about someone who you don’t know, someone you haven’t met in person? How can you talk about someone like you know them?

I don’t know you, I have not met you in person. You probably know or heard about me from someone close to you who claimed that she knows a lot about me. When in reality I only know this person for 9 months.

9 months. That’s how long that so called friendship lasted.

I really don’t care about you. I know you will continue to talk about me up to your death bed.

Thank you.

Thank you that you wasted your time talking about me during your dinner in Maya restaurant. I must be that important to you.

You talk about me while you’re on vacation with your daughter in Cebu? Isn’t that a little way too pathetic?

You talk about me while you just recently lost a son? That didn’t change you? That is so sad.

One of the reasons why I hate going home to Cebu is because of people like you. Who doesn’t do anything but waste time talking about other people.

It made me value the friends I have now and for that, thank you.

It made me more thankful of my life and for that, thank you.

Thank you that I did not meet you in this lifetime.


Moral of the story: make sure when you go out you look good.


  • Shocking! This is what’s difficult when you talk dirt about somebody else with other people around. Sometimes you’ll get busted. One time someone did this to me, that person accidentally called me from that person’s mobile phone. I heard every piece of dirt against me. After a long time, I forgave the person but I couldn’t give the trust anymore.

  • Wagi yung moral of the story mo Ms. T!! and……di mo talaga sila follower, kasi they would have made sure their ootd is on point like yours!!! since Ikaw na rin lang ang topic, eh make sure naman lumevel sila..heehee…

  • wagi yung moral of the story mo Ms. T! and…di mo nga sila follower,kasi if they are, they would’ve made their ootd on point, like yours! since ikaw na din lang pag uusapan nila, sana lumevel naman sila…hahaha

  • Are people so bored with their lives that they lurk around your blogs and other social media and feed hate? GET A LIFE is what those kind of people should do. kawawa naman sila.

    • the other girl is based in the U.S. and vacationing in Cebu with her daughter. She is already suppose to be on a holiday and all she does is talk about other people? Someone she doesn’t even know. You’re right, get a life! But she thrives on talking about other people so, I guess thats part of her agenda.

      • you really dont have to do anything.

        the best revenge is to live your life well and you do.

        so mainggit na ang mainggit.

  • The best revenge according to a friend of mine, who’s passed on from this world, is to look more fabulous than your detractors. Yun pa lang panalo ka na. Observation ko lang, halos lahat ng naninira sa kapwa nila….pangit!

  • Like women. some wines do age well. Some turn into ” gilangaw nga tuba” and “suka”. Mao na sila!

    I know someone really close and everytime she calls me, she talks about other people. One time, I told her to get a hobby. She got mad at me, and stopped calling. Good riddance.

    • I hate people who talk about other people especially someone you don’t even know. Expect na lang that they talk about you to others. That’s for sure.

  • Sayang no app that translates Bisaya : ( Would have loved to hear what they were saying. Baka meron din nice comments : )

  • Madame, you are in a much better place than these ugly people. Period. please do not waste your energy on these mindless basic bitches.

  • as they say, small people talk about other people. she’s jealous, no other explanation for it.

    ms t – just keep on being your fabulous self. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mam, gusto ka ipakulata na ko nang kagwanga? I Only need a name, I’ll send my hounds to sniff the bitch out.

  • “One of the reasons why I hate going home to Cebu is because of people like you. Who doesnโ€™t do anything but waste time talking about other people.” – na sad ko ani. You mean there are several other reasons?

    On another note, I have a friend who is friends with your younger sister, Annie. I’m sure she does not know you at all, but she too, has things to say about you. Sikat na man gud ka. Daghan na na suya nimo.

      • Of course I did. My friend has “foot-in-mouth-disease” and anything that comes out of her mouth is either a lie, or an even bigger lie.

      • How is she your friend? I’m sure she doesn’t only have foot and mouth disease she’s also ugly. Hahahahahaha!

  • Hi Miss T,

    I started reading your blog late last year and loving it. I really love how frank and fashionable you are! boo to all the chismosas!!!

  • I’ve encountered too many people of this kind. Some personally and some indirectly through my friends’ and relatives’ experience. Madalas ganito yung matanda na and it surprises me a lot. Parang all the years that has passed nasayang lang. I try to put myself in their shoes and the only way I would publicly malign someone that I don’t even know is if I am nursing an incurable jealousy or envy and the only way I can make myself feel better is to drag that other person through the mud or find various faults with them. We all have our opinions about everything under the sun and I too have been guilty of sometimes judging too quickly pero making tsismis of someone I’ve never met is a no-no and people who do this bave earned my distrust. Kasi kung ginagawa niya sa ibang tao gagawin din niya sa akin. Beware of tsismosas.

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