Maldives – Paradise On Earth

Ahmed, Loama Resort’s airport representative brought us to the sea plane lounge after picking up our luggages. It was a short tourist bus ride.

We waited in the lounge for 30 minutes for the sea plane to arrive to pick us up. We really didn’t notice the time because the lounge was complete, comfortable and nice. It had free wifi, free food, and free drinks. The lounge hostess was a Filipina and took good care of us. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the lounge ’cause at this point I was still shaking.

After my experience in the immigration I needed to smoke so bad to calm my nerves. I asked her if there were cigarettes for sale nearby. She asked the people in the counter and they said they can buy for me. They only had Camel cigarettes and it was $6 a pack.

Wow, it was kinda expensive but I was willing to buy. The Filipina girl told me: “ang mahal dito mam, kung gusto mo hihingi ako sa mga kasama ko. Ilan ba kailangan mo?”

I told her I only needed 1 stick. After a few minutes she came back with 1 stick. “Hindi yan Camel mam, local brand lang yan.” I told her it’s okay. I also wanted to taste what a Maldivian cigarette taste like.

She led me to the smoking area and took a few puffs before I put it off. It sort of calmed me a little bit. It actually relaxed me. I went inside and checked Facebook and Instagram. It calmed me more.

After a few minutes we were called to board. The sea plane is now ready for us. We took another short bus ride to the dock.

The sea plane that took us to our resort.


We were welcomed by the pilot and his co-pilot.


The co-pilot asked for our boarding passes which I had to dig inside my bag.


When we were seated and our belts fastened the co pilot gave us instructions and guidelines for emergency situations. I was seated beside Claudia.


We took off right away when he was done.

IMG_7675.jpgPlease take note of our pilot’s feet. No shoes! That’s how laid back the people there are.

My first glimpsed of the islands.


The sea plane ride was about 45 minutes. We were dropped in our resort, Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili.

IMG_0763Loama Resort Maldives At Maamigili welcomed us in full force.

We took a short golf cart ride to the reception area to check in. We were brought to our rooms after a short tour of the island.

Claudia and me were room mates.

Ocean Villa 248.

Here’s a short tour of our villa.

Our huge bed. Facing the ocean.
Entrance to our bathroom.
The wine cooler, coffee station and our luggages
Lounging area beside the bathtub. How cool is this?
Our TV
Lounging beds in our veranda

Maldives is 3 hours behind Manila. It was a long travel but we gained 3 hours when we got there. After getting settled in our villa the kids decided to go for a swim.

IMG_7730IMG_7728And chilled.


Our first sunset was so beautiful. Vito was calling us from outside wanting us to go out to look at the sunset.


I posted this on Facebook and Instagram and some people thought that I edited it. I did not. No filter and un edited. That was how beautiful the sunset was on our first night.

We hang out for awhile until we couldn’t see the sun anymore.

We stayed outside until dark and the whole place was just as beautiful at night.


This is what I wake up to every morning.


Claudia made coffee and we waited for the sunrise. The sunrise was as beautiful as the sunset.


There’s not enough words for me to describe this place. The whole island is so enchanting.

Some scenes of the island.


There’s no direct flight to Maldives from Manila. The best route is via Hongkong or Singapore.

If you get an early flight out of Manila maybe you can travel Maldives in just one day. The crucial part is sea planes only fly daytime. You need to be in Male before 3:00pm.

No visa needed going to Maldives.

When you go there be ready to spend. Everything in the island is expensive. The food in Loama Resort is very good. They have 3 restaurants. Japanese, Italian and Thai. And all 3 restaurants serves really good food.

The Maldivians are very nice and warm people.

Will I go back there?

Most definitely.



A lot of people are asking why Vinny was not with us. He was in Bali with his girlfriend. He booked in August without telling me and we booked Maldives in October. I feel bad that he wasn’t with us. He was texting me everyday saying he missed us.

Ang tigas kasi ng ulo. Walang ginawa sa Bali kung hindi nag laro ng mga unggoy.


But looks like Vinny and Franny had fun in Bali, too.



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