The battle of hot cocoa

It’s my second day of nursing my cough and colds. I feel so much better today.

I went to the grocery early this morning. I bought everything we need for our Noche Buena tomorrow night.

Claudia wanted me to buy a good cocoa for our hot cocoa drinks. One of our Christmas traditions is drinking hot cocoa on Christmas eve while opening our gifts when midnight strikes. Claudia said that she will be the one to make our hot cocoa this year.

Buying a good cocoa can be difficult since we have limited choices here in Manila. I was able to buy a few that I know they will like. Usually I buy Swiss Miss but they’re sick and tired of it.

I bought their childhood favorite drinks.

And I picked up Ghirardelli too.


And then I found this can of cocoa that looks so vintage with Elvis Presleys face on it. I picked it up, too.


It’s the first time I’ve seen this and it’s just too cute to pass up. I picked this up for the can actually.

I picked up some peppermints and chocolate sauce to add to our hot cocoa.


And of course the usual marshmallows and whipped cream for toppings.

Our yaya Norma came  to visit us today. She always comes here during Christmas and every time Vito comes home from school. Vito is her favorite, we all know that. And every time she sees him she always says: “ang laki laki na ng alaga ko. Tao na.”

She freaks out every time she sees Schumi. She loves Andy & Rocko but Schumi terrifies her.

Yaya: ay naku yung aso nyo natatakot ako.
Mam: wag ka ma takot yaya. Nasa loob ng kwarto ni Claudia si Schumi
Yaya: ‘wag nyo ng palabasin muna
Mam: hindi yan na nga ngagat yaya pag nandito ka na sa loob ng bahay. Pero pag nakita nya papasok ka sa bahay ayan. Aamoyin ka lang naman nya
Yaya: hay nako! Mahirap na maki pag sapalaran no.
Yaya: ano ba itong si Claudia bakit kumuha ng asong ke laki laki!

She was sitting in the living room when Schumi suddenly got out of Claudia’s room. She was soooo scared and couldn’t move. Schumi went up to her and smelled her. While Schumi was smelling here:

Yaya: ay, ay, ay si Sumi! Si Sumi!

We started laughing. And she goes: si Supi pala, ay si Sumi, ay si Supiiii. Ano ba pangalan nito.

Vito was still asleep when she arrived. So, she waited. But Vito was asleep the whole time ’cause he came home at 6:00am already. But she didn’t want to go home without a picture with her alaga. So, we went inside Vito’s room and woke him up. Vito hugged her when he saw her.

And she goes: pa picture muna tayo bago ako umalis. Vito didn’t have a choice but to stand up wash his face and change.

I’m done with our Noche Buena preparation. We’re good to go.

I wish everyone the Merriest Christmas ever!

Here’s my outfit last Monday (before I got sick) when I went out last minute shopping.



Tshirt Dress: H&M  |  Sneakers: Gelato  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Watch: Vacheron Constantin  |  Chanel Earrings  |  Michael Kors Bracelets  |  Bvlgari Ring  |  Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces


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