When Nyquil is my bestfriend

I was not surprise anymore when I woke up yesterday morning sneezing and blowing my nose. I normally get sick at this time of the year.

I cancelled 3 lunches scheduled today, tomorrow and on Thursday. I needed to recuperate asap because 1. I need all the energy for Christmas eve. We are just staying home but I need to prepare for Noche Buena and we usually stay up late to wait for 12 midnight and open our gifts. 2. We are traveling the next day. I better be well by that time.

I am not yet finish delivering gifts. I have a few still to be delivered. I hope to be able to deliver everything by today. We only have 1 driver now and the scheduling is so tight.

So, once again Nyquil is my bestfriend these days. And Advil. ughhhhh. I hate getting sick.

I will leave you with my outfit that I wore on Vinny’s birthday lunch.



Denim Dress: Alexa Chung x AG Jeans  |  Shoes: Topshop  |  Bag: Valentino  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Watch: Vacheron Constantin  |  Vita Fede Titan Bangles  |  Monica Vinader Bracelets  |  Bvlgari Ring


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