A Celebration!


We celebrated Vinny’s birthday lunch in La Cabrera Manila. He was the one who chose the venue, not me. Let’s make that clear. Of course I was happy when he chose La Cabrera, my lunch will be super good. That’s for sure.

TB came late. After 26 years late pa rin sya. hahaha.


In the evening he closed the second floor of Grace Park and had a small dinner party with his close friends. No parents allowed.

He was the one who chose Grace Park, too. Grace Park is one of our favorite restaurants. Actually, our top 3 restaurants in Manila are (in no particular order) La Cabrera, Grace Park & Mamou.

He started to plan his birthday party with his friends like a month ago.

He went to me and told me his plans.

Vinny: Mom, can you help me? My birthday party will be in Grace Park. I will close the second floor ‘cos I invited 25 friends.

Mom: what help do you want Vin?

V: I am the one paying for my party and can you help me get discount from Gaita Fores, please?

M: Why are you the one paying for it? Don’t pay for it!

V: Mom, I am working already. Nakakahiya naman if I won’t pay for it.

M: hindi, ‘wag ka mahiya Vin!

V: Please Mom. Let me do this.

M: *staring at him. Thinking, wow, how did he turn out to be this kind of person* Okay, Vin. I will do everything to get to Gaita.

V: just tell her mom maski bawasan na lang yung menu. Kasi sobrang daming food in the menu they sent me.

M: okay, consider it done.

Oh, no. I have a month to get hold of Gaita. I don’t have her number and we are not friends on any social media. What to do. It took me a few minutes to figure out how I can get to Gaita.

Carla Sibal.

I messaged Carla on Facebook and told her my dilemma. In less than 10 minutes she messaged me back (considering she is out of the country) and told me she will email Gaita. And in less than 30 minutes she messaged me again and gave me instructions on what to do.

Vinny got his “discount” and had so much fun with his friends last night at Grace Park.

Again, thanks Carla! And of course, thanks Gaita!

Please visit Grace Park, if you haven’t already. My favorite there is their Meat Balls with 3 cheese. It’s the best!

Grace Park

Address: G/F, One Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Makati, Metro Manila


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