The day I gave birth to Vinny

Dec. 20, 1989, I went for my last check up with Dra. Borromeo in Makati Medical Center. She told me I was already 1 cm open and to come back anytime in the afternoon and go straight to the maternity floor. She told me she will already issue a request for my admission and told me not to eat lunch anymore.

I didn’t know what to feel when I found out I was about to give birth that day.

Happy because after nine months finally it’s over. My tummy was getting big and getting heavy. I was tired and I wanted it over and done with.

Happy because finally I’ll meet my baby. At that time I didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl. I specifically didn’t want to know.

Happy because I am going to be a Mother.

At the same time I was scared.

Scared because it was my first time and all my friends who had babies told me it’s going to hurt like hell.

Scared because I don’t know how long I will be in labor. Some of my friends labored more than 24 hours.

Scared because a lot of things can happen during delivery.

Scared because I want a healthy baby with complete hands and toes.

Scared because I am about to be a Mother.

After my check up I went home. I didn’t feel any pain yet. I called TB in the office but he wasn’t there. This was during the pre cellphone era when we all depended on landlines.

Since I wasn’t in pain yet I just stayed home and waited. My bag was ready. I kept on calling the office but TB was nowhere to be found. So, I called Nana. She got taranta and sent Oscar, her driver, right away.

Around 4:00pm I decided to go to the hospital with or without TB. I told one of our house girls to come with me.

Ang driver ni Nana mas taranta pa kay sa kanya. Oscar the driver was driving like a maniac. I told him to drive slow ’cause I am not giving birth yet.

I went straight to the maternity floor in Makati Med. They were all waiting for me and I was prepped right away. Shaved (pre flower arrangement era), labatiba (yikes!), etc.

I was put in the labor room after they prepped me. And the pain started. It goes away every now and then but it comes back twice as painful every now and then. A lot of people asked me what labor pain is like. I always say it’s like 1 million times more painful than dysmenorrhea.

My labor pain started around 7:00pm and it intensified every hour. When I opened to 5 cm they gave me my epidural shot and everything was okay afterwards. I was in a good mood, laughed with the nurses and didn’t feel a single pain whatsoever. By 11:30 I was fully open and ready to give birth. I was wheeled to the delivery room. Dra. Borromeo was already there waiting for me.

It took a few pushes and it’s a baby boy!

And today 26 years after that baby boy has grown into a fine young man. Never gave me a single headache. Graduated top of his class from grade school up to high school, graduated Summa Cum Laude in B.S. Economic-Honors in Ateneo de Manila University and graduated with honors in London School of Economics in his Post Graduate studies.

Happy birthday Vinny.

I wish all your dreams will come true. I wish you all the happiness this world can offer. I wish you good health. I wish you a good family life. I wish you will continue to be the man that you are now.

And above all I wish that I am the Mother you wished for.




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