My Sunday

Vinny, Claudia and I had our Sunday lunch in CDP (Power Plant mall). We were suppose to go to Mamou, but it was full and had a long waiting line and we didn’t have any reservation. We ended up in CDP which is just beside Mamou. And it was good!

Vinny ordered lobster vongole and roast duck.

Both are really good! Their roast duck was cooked to perfection. It was not dry like most roast duck. CDP came out to be a good last minute choice after all.

After lunch we went around Power Plant mall ’cause Vinny and Claudia had last minute shopping. I thought I was done with this Christmas shopping issue. They wanted me to go with them and choose gifts for their Grandparents, for Nana, their cousins and their godchildren.

We spent the entire afternoon looking for gifts for people who have everything. Nahilo ako!

But I had fun going shopping with them. It brought me to the time when they were still small and we used to go to the malls and shop together and the times when Claudia was my shopping buddy.

We’re all waiting for Vito who is arriving this week!

Then my heart will be whole again.

Have a great week everyone!

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