A Chatty Post

So, last night I attended the Christmas party of Incubix Technology. I was surprised the traffic was not that bad. I left the house a little past 7:00pm and I got to the venue in less than 20 minutes.

It was a fun party. I saw a lot of my friends from New York who are here for vacation. I danced! hahahaha. Glen (a friend from NYC) got drunk and dragged me to the dance floor. We were the only ones in the dance floor and I got conscious.

Towards the end of the party Alvin Anson arrived. He was a great revelation to me. It was the first time I met him altho’ he is a good friend of JSP I never actually met him in person yet. Alvin and JSP grew up in San Francisco together.

He was kinda tipsy already when he arrived. I think he came from another party. He jammed with the band and Omg, I didn’t know he can sing. He sang an old song, I don’t know the title but it goes something like this “babe, I’m leaving you. I must be on my way…” He sang it so well. He reminded me of Robert Downey Jr. The way he acts, the way he talked, and the way he moves.

When I got to talk to him I told him he reminded me of RDJ. And he told me a lot of people has told him that already and he actually used to jam with RDJ during his San francisco days.

If you don’t know who Alvin Anson is, this is he.


I chose this photo because this is the only photo I can find where he has a little scruff. He is more scruffy than this in person. His latest movie is Heneral Luna.

He is really good looking in person.

Anyway, I went home before midnight. Everyone was already drunk except me. I did not drink a single drop of alcohol. I fell asleep past 2:00 am and I woke up around 8:00 this morning.

After breakfast I worked a little bit. There was nothing rush to do except waiting for some orders to finish.

I was so excited when I was dressing up because I wanted to try my new NARS Audacious Dominique asap!

I really like this shade. If I am not wearing nude I wear mauve. I am so into mauve now. Even my nail polish I like mauve-ish color.

So, anyway here it is. NARS Audacious Dominique.


It’s so beautiful. Love it!

I went to Landmark to buy a new table cloth for our buffet table. Our table cloth is kinda old already and I want a new crisp white table cloth. Then I went to Adidas to buy something for Claudia. My gift for her is now complete!

I am basically done with my list. Next week will be less hectic for me already. But I am book for lunch the whole week. And Vito is arriving. yay!

I miss Roxanne. I haven’t seen her more than a week already.


click photos to view individually

Top: H&M  |  Coulottes: Zara  |  Slip ons: Gelato  |  Bag: Chanel  |  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  |  Watch: Vacheron Constantin  |  Michael Kors Bracelets  |  Willow Jewelry Rings  |  Willow Jewelry  Earrings



  • Na LSS ko sa song, Babe. Sige na ug kantahon sa mga istambay sa amoa sa gamay pa ko!

    Btw, I like this ensemble, Tin. Simple and beautiful!

    • Alvin really sang it well Lili! na shock ko! Pwerte man diayng gwapoha ana niya uy! And he talks well. And he is so funny! Na crush na hinuon ko niya! Pero haskang huboga niya gabii uy!

  • ‘make up looks really good.alvin anson?even better😍he used to hang out w/ my friends son(ok,u do the maths😜),the song if im not mistaken is titled Babe by the Little River Band.
    I hope u can make some hipanema styled bracelets as well.love ur jewelries im waiting fir someone who’d come over to bring what i could order online.cheers

    • Hi, Chat!
      Alvin is such a fun dude. Life of the party kind. Some talent he got there and GOOD LOOKING!
      What’s hipanema styled bracelets? I’ll try to google them. My orders from the U.S. are usually hand carried by friends. I always have friends who come here often. So, let me know so I can find someone to hand carry if you want to order.
      Have a nice week end!

  • ‘really?im fr melbourne but.hipanema ,is sort of boho.i bought one in paris where it originated from.so diff fr what u make.yours is kinda upscale,but very versatile u can dress it down& up👌I was just thinking its(hipanema) something that would b so easy to produce over thete coz of d material its made of. Cheers yeah,i seriosly wanna buy some pieces i really like & show it to my friends here.cheers

    • Oh, the boho type. hmmm… maybe I can do that next year. I love those type, too! I’ll let you know!
      Melbourne is cheaper to ship than the U.S. So, maybe we can do the normal shipping. It takes only 3 to 4 working days to ship international. Thanks Chat!

  • Oh,i was told by some pinoy online seller that i would b charged ridiculously that its worth,one time i tried to order packing pouches.anyway can u pls give the price of the ff: aaa6,asa7,aaa9 bracelet w/ round ensemble,cccB,ccc6 all in silver is that possible?thanks

    • I usually ship international vis 2Go (local courier owned by the Aboitiz) and they have a tie up with Fed ex. It’s not really a ridiculous charge. Sure, it’s higher than local shipping but for me not really that high.

      Can you give me your email add so I can email the prices to you?

      And yes we can do all that in sterling silver. Good choice! Our sterling silver is of good quality and dirt cheap.

      Hey, Chat. No pressure okay. Just want to let you know 🙂


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