Her Style – feat. Aliza Apostol

Kicking off my new segment Her Style is a good friend of mine, Aliza Apostol, or Chinky to her close friends.

I met Chinky a few years ago thru Keri Zamora. She ordered Willow Jewelry necklaces from me and I finally met her in person during one of Keri’s birthday parties.

The first time I saw her she was still pregnant with her youngest child and I have never seen a pregnant woman as gorgeous as she is. I kept on staring at her the whole night and I kept on telling Keri, Chinky is so pretty.

When I decided to have Her Style segment here in my blog, the first person I thought of was Chinky.

I will only feature women whose style I love and Chinky’s style is definitely my kind of style.

Chinky works for a mobile payment company that deals with a lot of talking to financial institutions. She is married to the famous Chef Robby Goco of Cyma, Green Pastures (Claudia’s favorite restaurant) and Yumi (Japanese restaurant) and hotels and restaurants in Ilocos and Baguio.

They have 3 children ages 11 (boy), 5 (girl) & 1 (girl).

Chinky enjoys the sun so much and goes to the beach almost every week end since Robby goes to Ilocos all the time.

I love her clean and chic style. And like her idol Victoria Beckham she makes motherhood looks so easy.

Now, let’s take a look at Her Style

Chinky with Robby and their kids during a recent trip to Vigan.


Chinky with her kids frolicking in the beach in Ilocos.

Her beach style…


Her impeccable airport style…


She was in Macau and Hongkong last week.

Her travel style…


Her work style…

Her week end style…

she makes breastfeeding look so chic!


Attending formal affairs…

Selfie? of course!


The most stylish mother I know. Very put together and doesn’t look harass when she’s with her kids.


And a good lunch company!


Chinky, Keri, me & Len

I spoke to Chinky and asked her a few questions that will let us get to know her up close. And yes, personal.

Tina: What 5 essential things that you carry with you in your purse when you go to work?

Chinky: Iphone, wallet, keys, water bottle, make-up kit

T: Which celebrity (foreign) that inspires you?

C: I like Victoria Beckham’s style. She looks so polished all the time. Even her casual outfits are glamorous!

T: If you travel to one of the fashion capitals in the world, where would you go and what would you hunt for?

C: I would go back to Paris. It’s a cliche, but it would be the best place to hunt for shoes, good eats, and rare bottles of wine!

T: Do you have a uniform? Meaning the kind of outfit that you like wearing all the time.

C: I don’t really have a specific uniform. It just depends on my mood and the weather, of course. But I do wear a lot of skirts paired with simple tank tops and just throw on a blazer when necessary!

T: Stilletos or flats?

C: Flats. And make sure that I have heels in my car.

T: What do you wear to the grocery?

C: Usually shorts, my favorite white tee from Target and sneakers from @mustlovefinds!

T: What’s your favorite brand?

C: This is tough, I have too many.  Zara for style and price. And I have a soft spot for local stores like Seek the Uniq and Unif0rm!

T: What 1 technical gadget you can’t live without aside from mobile phone?

C:  Will you consider the milk pump technical? 🙂

T: If you can change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

C: My skin tone! I wish I were naturally tan so I wouldn’t have to make so much effort to look sun-kissed all year round! Haha.

T: what is your most treasured possession?

C: I would not say possession but I treasure my family a lot. Robby and my 3 kids. They are the world to me. ️

Aliza “Chinky” Apostol in Her Style.

You can find her in instagram: @mustlovemom

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