Manila’s 5 Power Titas

Early last week I received a text from the Associate Creative Director of the biggest clothing company in the Philippines inviting me to join their own version of the 12 days of Christmas wherein they will be showcasing the best trends of 2015. To be filmed by no other than Judd Figuerres, the best videographer in Manila.

“For the 5th day of Christmas we would like to feature you as one of our 5 “Power Titas.” 

“We would like to include real women of influence, inspiring with their beauty, youthful vigor, and with great handle on career and family values.”


I asked Vinny and Claudia first and they said, go for it Mom!

I texted them back and I said yes, I would gladly join this project. They gave me the venue of the shooting and the call time.

The shoot was today at 1:00pm. All they wanted me to bring was a pair of black shoes with heels. And they’ll take care of the rest.

I left the house at exactly 12:15 with Rhea (house girl) as my assistant to take behind the scene photos.

I left the house bare faced with wet hair.


When I arrived I was so happy that a good friend of mine Keri Zamora was one of the “power Titas.”

But unfortunately, I can’t talk about it yet and I can’t post pictures in social media. I begged the Associate Creative Director if I can post a few photos for my blog. Luckily she said yes.

So, here are some snippets of the video shoot we did today.

We had so much fun shooting the videos!


Left to right: Keri, me, Monica, Jane & Pia

I will let you know when it’s coming out and let’s all watch the video together! I want to watch this with you guys! I am inspiring because you all inspire me.

I want you to be part of this.


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