Christmas in our home

Here’s a sneak peak of our Christmas decoration. I never changed the theme all these years. It has always been red, flowers and candles.

It took me 2 weeks to put up everything. First, we did general cleaning in the whole house before we started and we had to clean all the flowers and the trimmings of our tree.

Here’s our festive home!


We will light the tree on the 1st of December and this is also the day we change our plates, glasses and everything in the kitchen.

Are you ready for Christmas?


  • Love your decorations. I never change my colors for decors too. Red and gold sige.

    Love this new look sa imong site. Love the sizes sa imong photos, not too big yet not too small.

    • yay!!! I’m so in love with my new layout! And you’re right with the size of the photos. Dili maka kurat! hahahahahaha Thanks Lili! I always love red for Christmas. Never been a fan of the other color themes.

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