Product Review – Pixi by Petra

Here is my review on the brand Pixi by Petra that I hauled last week. I used these products three times already and this is my review.

Let’s start with the least that I like.

Pixi Eye Zone Brightener

I am very particular with my under eye brightener. Eye brightener is my second favorite make up. First is bronzer.

I really didn’t like this. First, it has a gel like consistency. It’s too wet. Usually I put my under eye concealer first before I put my eye brightener. Since this one is gel like consistency it sticks to my concealer. It makes it so hard to blend.

So, I really didn’t like this. I’ve used much better eye brightener.


Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Palette

First, I didn’t like the colors. The lighter shades are too gold for me. Second, it’s not pigmented. I have to apply a couple of times for me to get the right shade that I wanted. It is buttery so, no fall outs which I liked.


H2O Skin Tint

This is a bb cream more than a foundation. If you have good skin then you can get away with this without foundation. But not for me ’cause I have a lot of pigmentation and I need medium coverage.

When I used this I still had to apply foundation on top of this. Which I didn’t like. I am not a fan of bb creams. Not unless if it’s medium coverage. The only thing I like with this product is it is water resistant.


Beauty Bronzer in Summertime

This is the only one I like among all Pixi products that I bought. Altho’ I haven’t used the kabuki brush that came with it yet but I have been using this everyday ever since I got this. I use it to contour.

I like the shade it doesn’t look muddy and it is easy to blend.


So, there you are. My Pixi experience.

Over all I have used much better drugstore brands. Will I re purchase? No.



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  • Hi Ms. T. Please share your favorite eye brightener. Been looking for a good one. Thank you.

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