November Mini Haul

When I was going back and forth to Landmark to buy Christmas decors I stumbled upon a new drug store brand in their cosmetic section.

I was re purchasing Bath & Body Works hand soap when I saw this brand. The stall was just beside Bath & Body Works.

I have always been curious about this brand. Some of the YouTube beauty gurus that I follow always mention this and they all gave positive reviews. This is available in Target and all drugstores all over the U.S.

I just kept it in mind that if ever I go to the U.S. one of the brands that I will buy is this, Pixi by Petra.

When I saw their stall I was so surprised and to use Claudia’s favorite expression, I went ape shit!

I bought a few items in Pixi that I want to try aside from the Bath & Body Works hand soap and I bought also Orly nail polish.

IMG_7097 IMG_7099

Let’s start with Pixi.

H2O Skin Tint


This water-based tinted face gel that evens out skin tone and gives complexion a flawless no-makeup look. It is hydrating, long lasting and water resistant”

The ‘water resistant’ is what sold this to me. I hate it when I have make-up on and I start to sweat!

I can’t wait to try this.

Eye Zone Brightener


Soothing gel that illuminates, hydrates & reduces puffiness. Use under eye concealer or as mid-day refresher”

I am very big on eye brightener. I love to brighten my eyes to have that fresh look and to hide eye bags and puffiness!

Mesmerizing Mineral Eye PaletteIMG_7086

One of my favorite YouTube beauty guru swear by this palette! I am happy that it is now available here!

This come in 4 different shades palette and I pick this one up ’cause I love the warm tones n this palette. But the other 3 palettes are also so nice.

Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki in Summertime


I am very big in bronzers, too! My favorite beauty product. This come in 2 shades and I picked up Summertime shade. The darkest shade.

I love that it comes with a kabuki brush. The brush is sooo soft. Usually when a product comes with a brush I normally throw away the brush that comes with it. But this one I’ll probably use this.

Wide Awake Crayon Combo


“This rescue pen awakens eyes with high performance treatment & softs focus colour. Apply brighten end under eye and on lower waterline. Use lighten end on brow bone and inner corner of eye. Waterproof”.

I told you I love eye brightening products. And again this is waterproof. Meaning this will stay the whole day without moving.

Illuminating Tint & Conceal


This multi purpose beautifier does triple duty. It acts as your moisturizer, sunscreen, and tinted  treatment to provide sheer coverage that makes skin look flawless”

I can’t wait to try this! It illuminates and conceal.

After going ape shit in Pixi, I went over to the counter of Orly Nail Polish. I have been looking for this particular ‘mauve shade’ and luckily they have the shades I am looking for!


Left to right: Candy Shop, Classic Contours and Cake Pop

I re-purchased Bath & Body Works hand soap. We ran out of hand soap in the bathrooms. Between Claudia & me we go thru this quickly.


Left to right: Honolulu Sun, Citrus Sunshine, White Citrus and Coconut Lime Verbena

I will use the Pixi products soon and I will get back to you for the review.

November 2015 Haul


IMG_1814 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1828

Top: A.P.C. Paris  |  Skirt: H&M  |  Bag: Chanel Leather Backpack  |  Sunglasses: Prada  |  Watch: Chanel  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Choker


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