The most comfortable clothes to wear to the airport

One of the model celebrities I channel all the time is Chiara Ferragni from theblondsaladneverstops. Aside from Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung.

She’s an Italian fashion blogger turned model (I don’t really know which came first) and a celebrity.

She’s from Italy but now based in Los Angeles. Like all models she travels all the time. You see her in a photo shoot in Bali, the  next day she’s in Hongkong then L.A, etc. She’s all over the globe. Sometimes it’s so hard to track her.

If only I was her age I would love to have her life!

Among all celebrity airport styles it’s her style I love the most. If you follow her in Instagram the pictures she posts are usually when she’s in the airport posing with her luggages and her outfits are always on point.

Being a pro traveler, let’s take note on what she wears when she’s traveling.

It really helps if you are comfortable when you’re traveling. Sometimes airport security can be so tedious and you’ll end up missing a flight. Especially in the States were TSA is very strict.

So, let’s take it from the seasoned traveler, Chiara Ferragni.

1. Loose sweater


2. Oversize scarf 


3. Worn-in Denim


4. Cozy outerwear


5. Graphic T-shirt


6. Flat leather boots


7. Black skinny jeans


8. Stylish sweatshirtmain.original.585x0-7

I usually bring a jacket/coat and a blanket scarf during a long flight. And I wear either slip ons or ankle boots.

What do you normally wear when you travel?

It’s going to be travel season in the next few months and I guess we need this tip to be able to wear our comfiest outfits.

Via whowhatwear


  • Chiara started out as a blogger before becoming so big that she’s now a brand/model. I love her style too! and she wears minimal accessories so she doesn’t have to remove it at security.

    I always travel wearing my most comfortable pants (usually black), a shirt or tank with a cardigan and top off with either a jacket or trench. And yes to the oversize scarf because it gets cold inside the plane. And always wear comfortable shoes. Wag nang mag stilettos.


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