How I found the pieces of the puzzle

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach for my phone. Check messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and read emails. While scrolling my phone I sip my first cup of coffee.

That’s how I begin my day. So, millennial.

One of the things that came out in my feed in Facebook this morning is a video that opened my eyes. Pieces of the puzzle started to fit. It made me understand what exactly I am doing. It answered the nagging question in my head: “am I doing it right?”

Here is the video, I am sharing it to you. It might help you the way it helped me.

Please watch it before proceeding to the rest of this post.

When I realized that my kids will soon go to college, I panicked. What am I going to do now?

My whole life revolve around my kids. The minute I got pregnant with Vinny my life changed. I became a Mother. And I promised myself that I will be the best Mother in the world.

I gave up my career and became a full time Mother. I had Vito and Claudia a few years after and I found my hands full of Mommy duties from then on.

So, when it was time to let them go, I took a bite of the pie. As what Gary Vaynerchuk (the guy in the video) said.

He is right. The pie is open to everyone. There were 2 choices. Bite it, or not bite it. I bit it.

During the time when my kids were in school and found myself with nothing to do, I discovered the internet. I did what I love doing. Writing.

I started a blog. I found an avenue to pour out my soul. I was doing it expecting nothing in return. For me it was just something to do while waiting for my kids to get off from school. I did not want to just lay down in bed doing nothing. I had to keep my mind active.

I blogged daily. I wrote about my feelings, whatever I was going through that particular day, my kids, my kids achievements, I wrote about anything.

I wrote about my life.

My blog had a lull for 2 years. I stopped writing. My kids were getting older and it meant more things for me to do.

Some of my close friends migrated to the states and we kept in touch through email. They would request me to send them pictures of my new outfits, ask how they would style a particular outfit, etc. Until I thought “why not go blogging again and post my outfits in my blog?” That’s how “outfit of the day” started. My blog was just between me and some close friends.

One ordinary day Manila’s top blogger, Chuvaness, discovered my blog. Inquirer picked it up and wrote about me and it killed my blog.

My in laws found out about my blog through Inquirer and asked me to close it down for my kids sake. They said I was not protecting my children. When I saw that angle I gave in and closed it down. I’ll do anything for the safety of my children.

So, my life went on. My kids were already entering adolescent and I found myself with less and less things to do. While they were in school or while they were out of the house I kept myself busy.

I read a lot. I eventually found favorite sites and blogs. I would get recipes and I learned to cook new food. I learned to search everything online. I met a lot of new friends online. I spent most of my time online. Since I love writing, I joined a writer’s group online.

I absorbed everything I read. I particularly love reading about fashion. I was always up to date when it comes to fashion. Especially accessories. Every time we go abroad  I knew what I wanted and I knew what to buy.

Until the time came when my kids had to leave home to study abroad. I needed to do something. I have to do something. Anything.

I talked to a friend and she told me “do what you love. Do what you are passionate about.”

I listened to my friend and Willow Jewelry was born.

I learn everything about my business online. While my kids were out whether in school or going out with their friends I educated myself. So, when push comes to shove I knew just what I wanted.

This next video will tell you everything you need to know about what being lucky means and what hard work means. There’s no such thing as overnight success.

When I launched Willow Jewelry, I launched my new blog. I had no choice. I have to have a platform where I will be able to reach more people.

I joined Twitter, I joined Instagram. I came out full force. Part of the reason why I am able to do what I am doing and survived is because I educated myself with the “new world.”

I did what the millennials are doing. I went with the flow.

I am now in my mid 50’s and I have 30 years of my life left doing what I love doing. And somehow it made my life meaningful.

The bucket doesn’t stop here. There’s a whole lot of things I am planning to do. Everyday there’s an opportunity for every one if you give your self a chance.

Have a great week end everyone!


  • So inspiring, Ms. Tina. I’m glad I watched this today, because I also started a small business early this year making handmade accessories (, and I’ve been getting a bit demotivated lately. I feel like I’m not doing the right thing. But this (and your own experience) motivated me to keep pushing on. All the best to your endeavors!

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