Story telling time: This is not about politics.

Here’s a video clip of Madam Marcos being interviewed by Mareng Winnie. I watched it and gave it a long thought. And decided to write down my thoughts.

The Marcoses has been the most hated, condemned, judged political family in our country.

The only memory I have of President Marcos was as a little school girl lining up in the streets holding a small flag along with my classmates and we were told to wave the flag when President Marcos pass by.

All the while I thought he would be riding a car. But I found out he was walking and greeting all school children. With all the chaos and cheers I remember staring at a tall, dark guy shaking hands with everyone. I was probably in grade 3 at that time.

That was President Marcos.

That’s how close I got to President Marcos.

I am a very apolitical person. I don’t care about politics. I never cared about politics. All I cared about was dancing with Bonget (Bongbong) in Stargazer (disco) one Saturday night in the early 80’s. Easy lover by Phil Collins was being played and everyone started to run to the dancing floor. I was one of them.

I started to dance like crazy and when I turned around I saw Bonget dancing and facing me. So, I did not stop dancing. I remember it vividly up to now. But I don’t think Bonget did. He was probably so stoned and drunk to remember.

I became very famous in the office the following Monday. Back then it was a big deal. You have no idea how big deal it was.

That’s how close I got to the Marcoses.

Vinny being my oldest child was the first one among my children to asked me questions about President Marcos. What he did and so on and so forth. I don’t know anything about politics. I don’t know what really happened during President Marcos regime. And the only thing I could tell him was I was one of those who was in EDSA during the first People Power revolution.

I told him what we did and I was a hero having to go through that. I helped brought back democracy in our country. Or so I thought.

My kids having studied in an international school eventually hang out with Bonget’s eldest son. He would be in our house almost everyday.

For Vito and Claudia, Sandro (Bonget’s son), was just an ordinary friend. Just like every one of their friends. I tried so hard not to get affected when Sandro was around. Ang hirap kaya. To be a child of the 60’s and 70’s when the Marcoses was far from being “ordinary.”

I would get so kilig and every chance I get I would grab the camera and go to Vito’s room and say “picture time.” Claudia and Vito hated it. And the worst I ever did according to Vinny was put the tarpauline of Bongbong’s face in our fence when he ran for Congress.

And one day Vito finally asked me what was the Marcoses like during my time because he couldn’t understand why it was a big deal for me everytime Sandro was in our house. I told him: “sa panahon ko Vito hindi yan sila tao. Dios yan sila.”

That was how close I got to the Marcoses.

One time I brought Claudia to our Dentist, my good friend Dr. Pete Ong, and when I opened the door I saw Madam Marcos sitting together with her female security aide in the waiting area.

Pete held my hand brought me in front of Madam Marcos and introduced me.

There was something about her. Her aura, how gracious, how soft spoken and how elegant she was.

She is the most gracious human being I have ever met. No wonder she went this far in her life.

And that was how close I got to the Marcoses.

Now, that Bongbong finally confirmed that he will run for the second highest seat in our country, I would expect something worse from every one.

But, come on. Really? Now is the time to point fingers?

So, tell me, who in the past did not do what President Marcos did according to many?

Every one of them did worse than President Marcos. From Erap, to Binay, to GMA. Every one who had the power. And even without.

Hello, Janet Napoles.

So, who ever you put in that seat will always take his/her turn.

Let’s get real.

But the good thing is, it’s not about who is in power. It is about the Filipino people who against all odds has survived and never lost hope.

Here’s the video clip of Madam Marcos being interviewed by Mareng Winnie.


  • i was smiling while reading your post. I could just imagine you getting excited to get a picture of your kids together with the apo of the “great” Ferdinand Marcos.

  • oh Tina..what a shame. I thought you’d be…never mind. They say don’t expect, only hope. Sad to say, you’re just one of them. Sigh. Will not be surprised if you don’t post this haha. No hard feelings.

  • “So, tell me, who in the past did not do what President Marcos did according to many?”

    Miss T, I am an avid reader of yours. The Marcos regime was probably the darkest period of Philippine history, and human rights violations were institutionalized during his presidency. I hope you refresh your history and read up on the heinous crimes that the Marcos clan did then, from which they still continue to reap the benefits from up until now. And yes, this is about politics because it has continually shown power relations inside the country- how the elite (including yourself) have kept power within themselves, completely disregarding the perspective of the marginalized Filipino masses in the country. As one of the influencers of Filipinos today, I urge you to promote media literacy and voters education through your blog.

    Thanks, Miss T.

  • thanks madame sa iyong magandang kuwento
    i love the marcoses – positive man o negative ang item about them.

  • I love your story telling time and this is a nice read. I applaud you posting all comments above.

    Madam Marcos will always have that effect on us. Even my friend shares her experience with excitement when she took the same flight with Madam Marco’s when she travelled abroad. Ngayon na sila e sumasakay na ng commercial airline tulad nating lahat 😀 . My foreigner friends will still use the word imeldific when they refer to our love for shoes. Maski Burmese husband ko kilala sya, to think nde ko alam anything about Burma before I met him.

    But as a voter, no, never again. We may have moved on about what happen during their regime but we should not forget too. (Isiningit ko pa rin opinyon ko maski this is not about politics. Hehe!)

  • tram·po·line (trăm′pə-lēn′, -lĭn) *n.* A strong, taut fabric attached with springs to a metal frame and used for gymnastic springing and tumbling.

    Madam, is this what u meant when u used the word trampoline in the following:”And the worst I ever did according to Vinny was put the trampoline of Bongbong’s face in our fence when he ran for Congress”.? Pardon me. but it should have been tarpaulin. and here’s another, it is not ” to asked” but to ask.

    Sorry, for my comments. no offense intended.

  • Ms. Tina, more than the stealing and the corruption, it is actually the Marcos regime’s human rights violations which people are saying “never again” to.

  • Ay basta… no matter what other people say, Philippine history will never be complete without the Marcoses.. anyone who will disagree does not know her/his history..

  • I’m not alone on being apolitical yey! I was curious about Easy Lover, I played it on Spotify and read the rest of your post with the song as background music. 🙂

  • Indeed, everyone and their mothers were still doing corruption even after Marcos’s time.

    Some of thhe differences are, however:
    1) the magnitude of money that Marcos and his cronies had stolen. Marcos stole WAY more
    2) violation of human rights (murder, torture, incarceration, freedom of speech) just so he can stay in power
    3) the amount of people living below the poverty line during Marcos regime INCREASED (by a lot) from 24% (1974)- 40% (1986). Source: World Bank

    Here is also a great read about Imelda’s “godly” lifestyle:

    She owned a friggin Rembrandt. She owned the worlds biggest blue diamond. And her contour was always on fleek

    • Tanks for the input Cindy. Appreciate it much!

      But I love the contour being on fleek! Hangang ngayon still on fleek. First thing I noticed when I watched the video was her eyes! Ang ganda pagka gawa. Hindi sya hooded eyes.

  • Hi Ms. T,

    Let me begin by saying I like reading your blog. You’re very honest and candid when describing your everyday lifestyle, outfit posts and whatnot. You’re entitled to your opinion and I mean no offense in this comment.

    There are many apolitical citizens who are about to vote in the next election. Since your blog tends to influence or reach a lot of people, I echo the previous comments in saying that Marcos was worse than than Erap, GMA, Binay, etc.

    Ms. T, you yourself lived in the Marcos era but do not recall most of it. That was in 70s and 80s. There was no internet, no concept of social media. I think you would agree with me that if there was social media at that time, your view of Marcos would be drastically different.

    We have instagram pictures of Janet Napoles’ daughter flaunting their money, of Binay’s hacienda, detailed blog posts of accounts of Erap and GMA’s corrupt lifestyle. They had the unfortunate opportunity to gain power in a time where everyone could pinpoint their every move.

    Ms. T, if there was instagram during the Marcos era, don’t you think there would be outfit posts of Imelda showcasing here vast closet of shoes? We would begin to question where she got the money for her extravagance, just like Jeanne Napoles. What about when they used PAL as their own airplane without compensation, one of the reasons why PAL today is a long way from the “first airline carrier in Asia” of the past? Maybe there would be a tweet about how Bongbong Marcos would spend x thousands of dollars on a wild party spree. We would wonder how much money they were making while a separate tweet would picture a supposed government project rotting in neglect.

    Ms. T, please don’t confuse your apathy for ignorance. We know the millions robbed by those who came after Marcos because we’re more vigilant now. Why did we become more vigilant in the first place? Marcos. We cannot ignore the violations of human rights he (and indirectly, his family) committed in the past just because there were no news reports or social media reports then (and if you did write about it, you would be killed the next day).

    I love how much you love your kids, how much you gave yourself up for them. Ms. T, I think if you would talk to a mother whose son “disappeared” during the Marcos regime, whose families are still seeking justice ( to this day, maybe you will know why people are still pointing fingers.

    • Hi, J! Thanks for sharing your views and part of your knowledge about this issue.

      I was honest when I said that I didn’t care about politics. I really didn’t care at all. Of course I knew what Marcos was doing and that was one of the reasons why I was in EDSA in the first place.
      During my time Marcos was the only President I experienced. The thing is hawak ni Marcos lahat. No one can do anything or risk your life. At that time I was young and all I cared about was enjoying my life. Wala akong planong gawing career ang kalabanin si Marcos. So, I did not care to know what was going on. So, when my kids started to ask me about Marcos I couldn’t say anything because all I knew was he was corrupt and he owns our country.
      And now, for me the Marcos era has been like more than 30 years maybe? And people have moved on. I have moved on. I don’t want to be carrying around for 30 years what Marcos has done to our country. For me I was happy that we now have a chance to rise up. But the thing is the people that went after Marcos did the same. Some say that Marcos still did the worst. I dunno. What I know was during Erap, GMA, Binay, etc becos like you said social media is now available. And of course we have installed democracy now. Not like before during Marcos time when you say something that you don’t like you’re dead the next day.

  • “who in the past did not do what President Marcos did according to many?” To me, this comes off as saying it’s okay to steal b/c other people are also doing it. Why would you be willing to sweep this under the rug, if a petty theft from a housemaid is enough to terminate her employment and even send her to jail?

    the problem with the Marcos children is they have never acknowledged what their parents have done, especially the human rights atrocities that happened under their rule.

  • ms T, i recommend that you read “Desaparecidos” by Lualhati Bautista. i think it would make you want to delete this blog post afterwards ✌🏻

  • I respect your opinion, but you do your children a disservice by being ‘apolitical’, short for being apathetic. it is your duty to educate them. Imelda Marcos. in her haste to finish the Film Center, did not mind burying the workers alive just so the building can be finished. Tell me if you still find her gracious.

  • Hi Ms. T. If you would look up the twins research in psychology, you would understand why people cannot just moved on. As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But please please please, do not be apathetic. Lucky for you, you are well endowed with material stuff that made your life easy to live. How about the middle class? The poor? And those beyond the poverty line? Im sorry but this article comes accross a little bit off in so many ways.

    Im 26 and i have never experienced the martial law but I know where the Marcoses stand. Im lucky enough to be studying abroad but how about those who were robbed of their rights because some people decided it’s okay to put the law in their hands (it’s not even in the law)? Anyway, we all have our opinions. Thanks for allowing such a health discussion. 🙂

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