Story telling time – How my relative betrayed me. Part 4

My friend Ate’ Florida gave her my jewelries the minute she arrived in Cebu.

Evil cousin #1 confirmed that she got it and I told her exactly what I wanted.

I followed up after a month and she said her goldsmith was still in the province.

From then on it went on from one excuse to the other.

Six months has passed and I didn’t hear anything from her. Nothing.

She wouldn’t answer my texts messages. (this time uso na cellphone. Nokia. hahaha)

So, I started calling her frantically. She wouldn’t pick up my calls so I called her landline. She was not home all the time.

There would be calls that I make that was obvious that she was home but she would tell her maids to tell me she wasn’t home.

I was getting nervous. First of all, that jewelry set was a gift from my mother in law. It has sentimental value to me. And second, it was an expensive set.

She still won’t pick up my calls. I got so angry already and told the maid to tell her that I am angry.

One day she finally picked up my call. She said her goldsmith hasn’t come back from the province yet. I told her “can I just get my jewelries back? And It’s okay I won’t have it done anymore.” She told me she’s going to ship it.

My jewelries arrived and when I opened the package, I swear to god I died for like 10 minutes. I could feel my heart dropped and my knees melted. I couldn’t breathe and all I did was cry.

She gave me back 3 loose south sea pearls and loose tiny diamonds. Everything was loose.

This is not my jewelry set. I will bet my life and my children’s life.

She gave me loose cheap south sea pearls and instead of diamonds she gave me less than 10 brilliantitos (tiny diamonds).

It took me half a day to gather strength to call her. I know it’s going to be a bloody confrontation.

I called her and asked her: “where are my jewelries? The ones you sent is not mine.”

She insisted it was mine. If it was mine why are they loose? Where are the white gold encrusting of the jewelries? And there are less than 10 diamond stones? It’s not even diamonds.

You know what she answered me? She told me nonchantly: “sige pun an na lang nako ang diamonds.” Tagalog: “sige, dagdagan ko na lang ang diamonds.”

At that point I know this was a lost case. No matter what I’ll do. I just have to accept that I have lost my jewelries.

I told her: “you know what? If my jewelries that you stole from me helped you and na pa kain mo yung mga anak mo dahil dun, sige tulong ko na lang sayo yun.”

After that I completely stopped talking to her. For me I am fucking done with her.

I told my Mom about it and I asked her “why did she do this to me ‘ma? We are not only close friends. We are cousins.” I felt so helpless.

Then my ‘ma answered: “gi ingnan na tika sa una pa pag bantay anang mga taw hana. Wa ka ma minaw nako. Kanang mga tawhana wa na’y gi ila.”

Tagalog: “sinabi ko na sa ‘yo noon pa mag inggat ka sa mga taong yan. Yang mga taong yan wala yang kinikilala.”

For a long time I told everyone about what she did to me. Anyone who knows her and maski yung hindi sya kilala, kinwento ko. Para lang maka bawi ako.

That was the only thing I can do to get back at her. Destroy her reputation.

I did not talk to her for sooooo many years. I will hear stories about her. Like she converted to Born Again Christian.

Great. Just fucking great. Good move.

I wonder how many people ma loloko nya this time back up by her religious belief. Pati si God gagamitin Β nya.

So, anyway, to cut the long story short, years passed. Maybe about 2 to 3 years probably. I was with my kids on our way to the dentist.

My cellphone rang. I did not recognize the number but I picked it up anyway.

It was her.

She said hi I said hello. At that time I was already over the jewelry issue and told myself I’ll just forgive her. It’s just money and after all she’s a relative. I was happy with my life and I really didn’t want anything negative in my life at that time.

But listen to this, she told me when she opened her bible early that morning God told her to call me. And that is why she called me.

Pucha ang lakas ng sayad.

She didn’t apologize. If God told you to call me, God didn’t tell you to apologize to me?

She said she was leaving for the States for vacation that day and I told her to have fun. At that time for me I was ready to make amends with her. Not to be “barkadas” again but I just didn’t want animosity between us. That’s all I wanted.

When she was in the States she stayed with our Auntie in Van Nuys, Los Angeles in California (sister of our moms). She was there for I think 2 weeks or more I don’t know. I wasn’t in touch with her.

Months passed.

One day our common friend called me and told me evil cousin #1 bad mouth me when she was in the States. Why am I not surprised?

This is the story how I found out about it.

She was staying in my Auntie’s house, right? One of our common friends who is from Texas called my auntie’s house to look for her. My auntie answered the phone. My friend from Texas told my Auntie that she was friends with me and evil cousin #1.

When my Auntie heard that Texas friend was also friends with me, my Auntie started talking to her.

Auntie: Amiga sad diay nimo si Tina? Tagalog: Kaibigan mo rin pala si tina?

Texas Friend: yes, Tita. Tina and evil cousin #1 are my barkadas in Cebu.

Auntie: na unsa naman na si Tina ‘day. blah, blah, blah, blah. Tagalog: ano na nangyayari dyan kay Tina, blah, blah, blah.

What a fucker, dude.

The day she left for the States she called me and said God told her to call me. And the minute she got to the States was bad mouth me? How fucking twisted is that?

I wonder if “her” God told her: “when you get to the states bad mouth Tina.”

I fucking freaked out. Man. As in fucking. freaked. out.

I called her and I screamed at her. I screamed so loud that my voice was heard all the way to Polo Club. Okay, exaggerated. Hangang San Agustin lang.

And she started crying and denying, crying and denying.

Fuck. you.

Don’t tell me our Auntie lied? She cannot deny to me because before I called her I called my Auntie and screamed at her too! My Auntie told me the truth. She was talking shit about me!

Fuck. you. again.

You know what really made me so angry?

I know she’s been talking shit about me in the past and I just brushed it off. But this time she said something bad about me concerning my family.

I already said in the beginning not to ever, ever touch my family. It is a sensitive nerve for me.

The straw that broke the camels back is she told my Auntie I don’t go home to Cebu anymore because I am ashamed of my family.

That statement alone will tell you what kind of person she is. It will tell you how black her soul is. It will tell you her Mother didn’t raise her well. It will tell you she is so fucking jealous of me.


While it is true that I rarely go home compared to when I was still single. When I was still working in a travel agency one of the privileges I get is I was entitled to a 75% AD (agency discount) anywhere I travel. I would go home halos every week end.

But when I had a family of my own and had kids I rarely go home. First, because my kids were still small. Second, my in laws are Chinese. And for the Chinese once a girl get married to a Chinese family, you become theirs. Your priority will be your own family.

There was a time when my Mom was still strong enough to travel, I would just let my Mom come over to Manila so she can visit us.

I did not owe her a fucking explanation why I rarely go home to Cebu. I don’t owe anyone an explanation why I rarely go home to Cebu.

It’s not anyone’s business and much more evil cousin #1 cannot fault me just because I rarely go home to Cebu.

I felt so betrayed. You know why? I was willing to let go of the jewelry issue and let bygones be bygones.

I was willing to make amends inspite of what she did to the heirloom of my daughter.

So for that…

Fuck you, your children and your childrens children

Fuck your whole legacy dude.

This time I am done.

Peace out!


  • wooh. ang tindi ng emotion madame. naramadaman ko ang galit at hinanakit. ipagturok natin siya ng kandilang itim sa puno ng balete… salamat sa magandang istorya at salamat sa aral na binigay mo..

    • hahahahahaha. Sige pag may makita ka ng balete ha, wag mong kalimutan. yung mangisay sya talaga pag naka turuk ka ng itim na kandila!

      Thanks Wheng!

  • Yung mapapa-“Sheeeeeet. Ginawa niya yooon? Tang ina niyaaaaaa” ka na lang pag nabasa mo na this part. LOL

  • I hope she gets to read this (knowing how envious she is, she probably does!) and I hope God convicts her to the core of her being (that is kung talagang may God siya). Kaloka! Some people are too stubborn that no matter how hard they try, they cannot change. Because they cannot do it alone. Haay nako.

  • Ay kaleche sa animal! Ga-name drop pa ug ngan sa Ginoo!

    Matud sa akong nabasahan sa Pinterest ganina, “I don’t regret burning my bridges. I regret that people weren’t on those bridges when I burnt them.”


  • kumulo ang dugo ko eh nakikibasa lang ako what more kung sakin ginawa yan. omg no one needs that kind of person in their life!

  • Grabe!! Ang haba at talas ng dila! Cousin from Hell! 😈
    Clear evidence na since birth, ang laki ng Inggit nya sa iyo Ms. T!
    If you happen to see her again (wag na lang sana) just tell her ” ayan, kainin mo alikabok ko! ” πŸ˜„
    Thanks for sharing this story to us. 😊

  • Ang aga aga pa dito sa London, pero gising na gising na diwa ko sa asar kay EC1. Pisting yawaa jud.

    Ipababala natin yan kay Lola Nidora.

  • “Fuck you, your children and your childrens children. Fuck your whole legacy..” This is why I love you Ms T. I’ll have it in slogan t-shirt dress please!

  • We can’t really choose our relatives. And we should really delete relatives like EC#1 from our lives. They are vexations to the spirit. I can just imagine- while we your readers enjoy looking at your dresses, bags, footwear, jewelries, etc, she must have been fuming mad with smoke coming out of her nose, her skin green and her eyes blood red from envy. Your days will be sweeter without her!

  • I could feel the strong emotion building as I read each part of this story. It wasn’t just in the FUs, but the way you wrote it, from the sadness to the gigil to the full-on galit. There are some people that are malicious entities talaga. Doesn’t matter if you’re blood-related. If they’re out to get you, you could be angelic and they’ll still find something nasty to say. Yan ang taong walang magawa sa buhay…

  • Slow clap for you, Ms Tina. Sabayan mo pa ng isang kembot sabay talikod after “Fuck your whole legacy dude.”

  • Hahahahah. Jealous bitch! Magnanakaw pa! Abot hanggang Boston ang sigaw! Don’t worry, pagna meet namin siya na readers and fans mo, we will tell her about your blogpost para masaya siya kasi she wants to be famous like you eh! πŸ˜‚

  • Your cousin is a troubled soul. Naay diperensya sa ulo. In other words, yabag pa sa tanang yabag. Mao na syay gitawag sa balaod nga psychologically incapacitated. I hope your wounds have fully healed.

  • Wow! Such pent-up anger and so many F-bombs! I suggest you substitute asshole for fucker, just to break the monotony. BTW, feel free to post her picture (most recent one please) or at least her FB address, inquiring minds want to know!!

  • Out of curiosity, when was the last time you saw her and did she make any attempts to redeem herself? I can feel your emotion through your writing—I think most of us have that kind of relative, ung tipong wala ka namang ginagawa sa kanila basta you are minding your own business and making the most of your life and yet these kinds of relatives go out of their way to say negative things about you even if it is not true! One last question, affluent pa din ba sila sa Cebu? πŸ™‚

  • I dont know you Tina but I really enjoy reading your blog. You really put yourself out there. A very brave move. You open your blog and share yourself to the world without any fear of judgment. You are what you are, with flaws and all, and you are confidently proud of it. This makes you so admirable. I love the way you make fun of yourself. I am hooked on your tales. Because you are a representation of every woman. Thank you Tina. Mabuhay ka! Never get tired of sharing yourself with us.

  • I admire your candor and honesty! You’re amazingly courageous to share such a personal story.

    BTW, mamatay na si EC sa inggit. πŸ˜‰

  • Your story reminded me a demonyita na akala mo di makabasag pinggan. Sarap sapakin ng mga taong inggitera.

  • Tina… Tina.. I have just rediscovered you. Count me in as your new fan.. I always know you are very gifted, very talented.. I love the way you express yourself, so authentic, so down to earth, so very true. You made my day. Pasagdi na lang to imong ECs and her minions. Enjoy your blessings. Have fun. Btw, you look beautiful at your age. Keep writing coz you’re good at it. Am happy for you. Really.

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