Story telling time – how my relative betrayed me. Part 2

Ginawa akong entertainment showcase ni evil cousin #1. It was obvious she liked being around me, ’cause we did nothing but laugh.

There would be times I would hide from her. I would dunk her calls so many times. But she would go straight to my house without telling me and get me. And I wouldn’t have any choice but to sleep over in their house again.

Not that I wasn’t enjoying her/their (they’re 4 sisters, but I was closest to evil cousin #1) company, but it was just too much. It was like she got obsessed with me. She wanted me around all the time.

And besides that as I got very close to them I eventually found out how and who they are. And to be honest, I did not like it.

Every night in their girls room (except the good sister) they would talk bad about anyone. Non stop. They would always have something bad to say about anyone. Not only that they would make fun of people and I hated it.

I was thinking what if I am not around? Are they doing the same thing to me?

I did not want to know.

After hanging out with them for so many years I realized they were not the kind of people I want to be friends with. We were cousins, yes, but we didn’t have to be barkadas.

They were bad to people lower than them. And definitely at that time I was already lower than them. I was no longer the rich kid from the province.

When we moved to the city my Dad got bankrupt. My Dad lost everything to gambling, womanizing and bad business management. All of us (8 kids) were all in high school and college and we were struggling.

It was something very difficult to accept. So, it was a sensitive nerve for me. And the last thing I would want to happen was people making fun of my family.

I slowly spent less time with them which was so hard to do. Especially evil cousin#1.

Until I left for Manila.

Evil cousin #1 eventually got married to her longtime boyfriend and I was one of the secondary sponsors on her wedding. She also made me the ninang of one of her kids.

Fast track. We all got married and have families of our own.

But all these years while I was in Manila we never lost touch. Every time evil cousin #1 would find out I was going home to Cebu for vacation she would insist on picking me up in the airport. And I would still hang out with them when I was in Cebu.

One time when she went to Manila together with her mom and one of her sisters. They stayed in my Uncle’s place (brother of both our Moms) in Parañaque.

Our house in Dasma was being built yet. TB, me and the kids were staying in my in- laws house in Forbes Park.

This was the time when there were no cell phones yet.

I did not know their schedules. I just told them that just let me know when you have time to see me. That morning they didn’t let me know they were coming to Makati. I went out running errands and went to my friends house.

They (evil cousin #1, her sister, her mom and my Uncle drove for them) decided to go visit me with out me knowing. While I was in my friends house I called Yaya Norma to check on the kids. And Yaya Norma told me: “mam, may bisita ho kayo kanina. Mga pinsan mo daw. Sinabi namin wala kayo dito. Pero nag pumilit silang pumasok. Hindi namin pinapasok mam, kasi wala din dito si Mr.  atsaka si Mrs. (my in-laws).

OMG. I got so fucking pissed.

When I got home I called her (evil cousin #1) in my Uncle’s house. The minute she said hello, she told me outright: “pahawa na diha uy! Ngano ga antos man intawn ka diha!” Tagalog: “umalis ka na dyn sa bahay na yan. bakit ka nag titiis dyn.”

Huh? Where did that come from?

I asked her what happened. She told me they had a hard time getting inside the village and they were not allowed to go inside the house of my in-laws.


First, it is really hard to go inside Forbes Park and even harder to go inside Dasmariñas Village if you don’t have a village sticker. So, I explained to her why they had a hard time going inside the village.

Baka akala nya nasa Cebu pa rin sya. She forgot that she was going to enter the top most exclusive village in Manila. The security is always tight at any given time.

I explained to her very well ’cause apparently she doesn’t know this.

And of course the maids will never ever let her inside the house because no one was home and the maids didn’t know who they were. Doesn’t she know that? Isn’t that common sense?

And she knows it was not my house. It was my in-laws house. They just don’t let anyone in. If the village gate security is tight, my in-laws security is more tight.

… to be continued.


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