Story telling time – how a relative betrayed me. Part 3

I told them to come back the next day and I made sure I was home.

She wanted to tour the house and I toured them around. Evil cousin #1, her sister, her brother, their Mom (my auntie) and my uncle.

I sort of got embarrassed ’cause it was not my house. I wouldn’t have minded if it was my house. But it wasn’t.

But anyway, I did what she wanted just to shut her up.

I only found out about 3 years ago that she told everyone back home that my in-laws did not like me and treated me bad and I was staying in my in-laws garage.


Here’s a picture to prove that I was not staying in my in laws garage. I just gave birth to Vito and Vinny was about 3-4 years old. This was taken when they visited me.


Left to right: Evil cousin #1’s sister, evil cousin #1, Vinny on her lap and me carrying Vito.

Ang ganda naman ng garahe ng in-laws ko may leather couch.

Her stories are too parochial. No breeding at all.

So, anyway, we remained to be in touch and “friends” ’cause I didn’t know that she was talking shit about me behind my back. Like I said she got me as one of the Ninangs of her son.

Eventually we moved to our new house in Dasmariñas Village. I had Claudia already by that time.

Evil cousin #1 youngest sister, let’s call her evil cousin #2 got married to someone from Manila and moved here.

I wasn’t sure if I was happy that she moved here. Because I really didn’t want to hang out with anyone of them anymore. They already knew and saw that I have leveled up in my life (gulong ng palad) and I became the center of their chismiss.

Can’t you just be happy for me? Instead of focusing on being negative?

So, evil cousin #2 was already living here in Manila. At that time in an apartment somewhere in Quezon city with her husband and 3 kids. She would call me up every night and wanted to talk. I was being nice to her ’cause she was new in Manila and didn’t have any friends.

One week end she brought her 3 kids to my house to go swimming in our pool. Her kids and mine were sort of just about the same age.

Since they went swimming I set up a table in the lanai so the kids can have lunch in the lanai. I didn’t want them to be running in and out of the house wet.

I ordered KFC and Yaya Norma prepared some easy to eat food. I mean practical food and finger food.

The kids had fun. Evil cousin #2 and I had fun talking and laughing.

Or so I thought.

A few weeks after or months (I don’t remember already) evil cousin #1 called me and and told me that her sister (evil cousin #2) said this: “dako kaayo ug balay si Tina pero walay serving spoon.” Tagalog: Ang laki ng bahay ni Tina pero walang serving spoon.”

The setting was in the lanai with 6 kids running around and swimming in the pool and she wanted serving spoon.

WTF. Ang sarap batohin ng Christofle na serving spoon.

Evil cousin #2 never step foot in my house again. I fucking made sure of that.

When I gave birth to Claudia, my mother in-law gave me a south sea pearl set. Earrings and ring. It was the kind were the pearls had diamonds around it.

I rarely use it ’cause it was for evening and special occasion kind of jewelry. I have been wanting to reset it so I can use it everyday but I didn’t know anyone who can do it for me and who I can trust.

I wanted a setting where I can remove the pearls in the earrings for every day use and I can put back the diamonds if I want to use it for special occasions.

At this time evil cousin #1 was already into selling jewelries. Chismosang alahera was her title according to some people I know. hahahahaha

I mean that was what she was known for in Cebu.

The biggest mistake I did was asked her if her goldsmith can reset it for me. She said yes right away. Red flag up, which I did not see at that time.

I sent the jewelry to her hand carried by my friend Ate’ Florida.

…. to be continued


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