Smart launched their Satellite Phones

Smart emailed me and said that as one of Manila’s top digital influencer they are inviting me to the launching of their Satellite Phones.

I went without knowing what was in store for me.

When I got there this greeted me in one of the Press Rooms in New World Hotel.12019880_954986604573485_4067067925257117217_n

I was met by one of Smart VP’s Tina Mariano. She signed me in and introduced me to everyone from Smart and to my fellow bloggers that were invited.

They sat us first in the lunch area and I sat in the same table with Cecile (Chuvaness) Van Straten, Mike Sy Lim (Fashion Pulis), Maria Dinna Vasquez, Frances Sales, etc.

I was so happy to meet John Michael Bueno (Kumagcow). Finally! We’ve been tweeting each other for a few years now. He’s one of my loyal blog followers.

At exactly 11:30 they opened the buffet area. 11017679_954986661240146_2649553714181674767_n 11988614_954986614573484_2806226430257854683_n 12019826_954986801240132_1353819360235526837_n 12027504_954986717906807_1922636471984918223_nI had fun catching up with Mike (Fashion Pulis), Chuvaness, Dinna, Frances and John Michael during lunch. The food was sooo good especially the roast beef.

After lunch they led us to the living room area where everything was set up. 12027703_954986921240120_8123040378493508508_nFirst to talk was Tina Mariano. Welcoming us and briefed us about the launch.11047598_954987111240101_8010837901852622638_nNext was Louie Domingo from the Emergency Management Center.11781639_954987204573425_7855033956750379379_nFirst thing he asked was are you prepared for the big one?

Are we really? It got me thinking. Is my household ready? Are my kids ready? Am I ready?

We all know what the big one is. The whole Manila has been having fire drills since last year.

I learned so much from Mr. Domingo’s talk and I realized I am not ready at all.

He was talking about the 8 fold of preparedness. But the following stuck in my mind:

4 P’s. Plan, Prepare, Practice & Prayer

Immediate action drill – do not move while it is shaking.

Communication – learn the Morse Codes, mobile phones, satellite phones

When I got home the first thing I did was taught Vinny and Claudia the morse code. I told them how important it is. When you are in a situation where you are trapped somewhere with nothing (no phone, no light, nothing) the only thing you have is the morse codes so rescue people can find you.

When everything is down the only thing you can count on to communicate is a satellite phone. During the Yolanda disaster Smart had a communication center set up in Tacloban. As a matter of fact Globe used Smarts satellite phones.

After Mr. Domingo, Mr. Jonathan Huertas, Smart Business Development talked to us about the satellite phones they are launching.11061961_954987637906715_7050432636250781038_n11219083_954987647906714_7895063242638055370_nSmart is offering a very affordable plan for their satellite phones. For people who are always traveling, for people who are always away from their families, for people whose work take them to rural areas, for ordinary people like you and me.

We will never know when the big one is going to strike.

For more information, please visit any Smart Center near you.

Some scenes during the launch:11999003_954988111240001_7423974492277537356_n 11999022_954986881240124_6012524755033524796_n 12004897_954988071240005_818707158772206152_n 12011147_954986857906793_7070885611834786251_n 12011326_954986887906790_8697126689335618402_n


  • It was an awesome day to finally meet you ms tina! As I’ve also said, I’ll jump at the opportunity to see you! 🙂 again, happy happy birthday!

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