I am not a foodie

Last Wednesday a couple of my friends met up for lunch in Nikkei in Rada St. Legaspi Village.

Like what the title of this post says, I am not a foodie. Malakas lang akong kumain. And dapat may kanin. I cannot eat without rice.

Keri suggested we eat in this Japanese-Peruvian restaurant called Nikkei. The food was good. Very gourmet ang dating.

I love the food. It was very tasty, but I eat like Schumi. Not that I didn’t enjoy it and not that I was not busog. In fact it was very filling.

Here’s what we ate. Sorry, I don’t know the name of these food. Mahirap spellingin. 11149583_951652271573585_4741984528444492159_nThese fries are really good. You dip it in egg! Something different.

11220838_951652318240247_196040740232232244_n 11863395_951652304906915_6675436691384994483_n 11986956_951652278240251_4650557211532394054_n 11988392_951652348240244_138251946659194906_n 11990693_951652388240240_4264452142545295608_n 12004801_951652364906909_1637065411523912891_n 11990640_951652381573574_7784197085485901322_n

We all enjoyed the food. It was fun seeing Larry again and meeting Lizette!

L to R: Me, Larry Mallari, Lizette Licaros and Keri Zamora12006167_951711844900961_3811545232459829660_n

Taken outside Nikkei with Amanda daughter of Keri. She came to pick up her Mom.11150169_951660618239417_765735153350552381_n

Nikkei is in Rada St., Legaspi Village if in case you want to try some Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.

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