To sum up my week end…

Saturday –

I did some errands. And as always Rochelle succeeded in playing a trick on me. While Clarence (houseboy) was taking my picture, she photo bombed me.

11988204_948315651907247_4365386974579710700_nI didn’t know. All I know was she was right behind me carrying some of my stuff. When I was in the car already I got my phone and look for the picture to post it.

There she was. I posted it anyway.

Schumi came with me (I usually let him tag along). I didn’t want to leave him behind ’cause Claudia left for the beach early morning and he went crazy when she left.11951801_948316721907140_1491233597207316244_nI went to pick up some chips for Vinny and Claudia’s favorite Ritz toasted crackers in Rustan’s. When I was done I went up to the department store to go to Chanel counter to check if they have the Le Volume Mascara already.

And this happened.IMG_6706I will justify everything why I think I need them.

  1. Les Pinceaux De Chanel Powder BrushIMG_6707I wanted the angled powder brush but it was out of stock. So, I got the dome tip. I like this one so much better.

Why I got this? It’s Liza Eldridge’s fault. She once said that when you buy expensive make-up make sure that you use expensive brushes. Which makes sense. hahaha.

Seriously, this brush is so useful. You can use it for contour, for bronzer, for blushes, for setting, etc. This has a lot of use so you get your moneys worth.

2. Le Crayon Khôl Intense Eye Pencil in 61 NoirIMG_6710I read some good reviews on this eye pencil and most of the beauty gurus that I follow swear by this.

Why I got this? I have been wanting a really good black khol eye pencil.

3. Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 64 Pink ExplosionIMG_6711Chanel has the best blushes in the world.

Why I got this? It’s the sales assistants fault. She told me: “mam, wala ka pa nito.” Oo nga naman.

4. Illusion D’Ombre (long wear luminous eyeshadow) in 96 UtopiaIMG_6712I love Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows. I have a few of their shades already.

Why I got it? I was looking for 82 Emerveille which my favorite beauty guru recommended but it was out of stock. So, I settled for this.

5. Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer in 20 Beige IvoireIMG_6714Why I got it? I haven’t tried any of their concealers yet and I am always hunting for good concealers.

6. Les Beiges Poudre Belle Mine Naturelle Healthy Glow Powder No. 50IMG_6715Why I got it? The sales assistant told me this is good to use for contour. And it is one of their Les Beiges collection which I love.

7. Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara in 10 NoirIMG_6716This is what I was looking for.

Why I got this? I have heard a lot of good reviews about their Le Volume Mascara and I was desperately been wanting to get hold of this.


Sunday –

I caught Vito online and we chatted for a few minutes. He is still in New York. Like I said in my previous post he went to New York to visit his friends and to watch the U.S. Open.

I was teary eyed when we were chatting. Vito is the sweetest among my 3 kids. He is very emotional like me. Some of my favorite excerpts from our chat.

I was asking him when he was going back to Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 7

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 7Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 7

He didn’t forget my birthday.

After we chatted I got ready to go to the 10:30 mass in Sanctuario de San Antonio with Claudia.

It was so hot today and I got tamad to dress up. I put on my favorite Levis Jeans. I had this for close to 20 years already and up to now it is still my favorite pair.

outfitIMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0989 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0982

Top: H&M  |  Jeans: Levis 593  |  Ballet Flats: Zara  |  Bag: Chanel Le Boy  |  Watch: Hublot  |  Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer   |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Ring  |  Tiffany T Bangle  |  Tiffany Atlas Bangle  |  Cartier Love Bangle

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