My Brogues Collection 2015

I love Brogues ever since I can remember. It is more my personality. If you let me choose between brogues and stilettos, I will choose brogues in a heart beat.

I have never been the girly girl type.

I have collected brogues through the years. All kinds in all colors.

Last month when I was purging my stuff, I got rid of a lot of pairs that I haven’t use in a long time. I also got rid of the bright colored pairs, the flower prints, etc.

I kept the classic pairs and kept just the ones that I really like.

  1. Ralph Lauren – this was Claudia’s but she bought the wrong size so, she gave it to me.IMG_09442. Antica Cuoieria – I bought this in Milan, Italy a few years ago. All their shoes are all hand made.IMG_09463. Topshop – Topshop has really nice pairs of brogues. I’ve had this for a long time already, maybe in late 90’s. IMG_09514. Topshop – I wear this when I travel ’cause it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.IMG_09525. ASOS – My friend Abet found this online and she ordered it for me. I use this also when I travel.IMG_09536. Topshop – one of my favorite Topshop pairIMG_09547. COS – another favorite pair!IMG_09568. Zara – H&M has exactly the same pair but in beige. I wanted to get it but I could hear Claudia’s voice telling me “mom, you don’t need those!” So, I put it down.IMG_09559. Zara – I got this last year. JSP calls this the monk shoes. I think this is what it’s called. The Monk Shoes.IMG_0958I kept the classic pairs that will never go out of season. I might buy a pair or 2 once in a while and I’ll update you if I did.

So, there you are. My brogues collection 2015.

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