Why is it so hard for me to have a normal day?

The only good thing that happened today is Yaya Norma came to visit us. Oh, and I got to hang out with Roxanne the whole afternoon. So, 2 good things. Only.

Yaya Norma dropped by the house this morning ’cause Vito is leaving tomorrow to go back to school. She always say good bye to Vito every time he goes back.

But the kids went to the beach today. So, we spent the whole morning making kwento. I showed her the pictures of Vinny’s girlfriend, Vito’s girlfriend and Claudia’s boyfriend.11924750_945650642173748_1387736528518507180_nWith tears in her eyes, she said: “ang la-laki na ng mga alaga ko. Tao na sila. Marunong ng umibig.”

I hugged her and said I know you missed us Yaya I hope you can visit us more often.

Roxanne and I decided to have lunch and hang out since she doesn’t have work today. While I was getting ready inokray na naman ako ni Rochelle.

I told her to turn the TV on ’cause while putting on my make up I wanted to watch the drama of INC.

Mam: rochelleeeee, on mo nga ang TV. Hanapin mo ang channel ng INC
Rochelle: ay hindi ko alam kung anong channel yan mam.
Mam: eh, anong alam mo?
Rochelle: CNN lang mam.
Mam: ah, basta hanapin mo yun!
Rochelle: ito na mam!
Mam: ANC yan! Ang sabi ko INC!
Rochelle: hindi ko mahanap mam. Yan na lang letter A lang deperensya.

Malapit ko na syang sabunotan. I didn’t want to ruin my day and decided to watch ANC.

I told Roxanne we’ll just have lunch in Polo Club ’cause I feel comfortable there and we can stay for as long as we want. I knew it was going to be a long day ’cause Roxanne is having separation anxiety, her boyfriend just left  a few days ago for the  States.

On our way to Polo Club I took a picture of Roxanne cause she looked pretty today inspite of what she feels. I posted it on Instagram and wrote a short caption.Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9

Wrong move. TB saw what I posted on Instagram.

In the middle of our relaxing afternoon TB kept on texting me and tried to ruin our day.

First text.


Deadma. Roxanne and I just laughed. We know him too well. But look at his emoticons. Give him A for effort.

Second text.


Roxanne told me “tell him my young and pogi boyfriend!”

And we both laughed. After that I did not read his texts anymore ’cause I know he was trying to ruin my day.

We ended up having so much fun like we always do every time we’re together. I wish we can have more days like this. Minus the mga na ngo ngokray!

Oh… 3 good things. Third one, I look good today.

outfitCollage (4) Collage (1) Collage (2) Collage (5) Collage (3) Collage IMG_0918

Top: Topshop  |  Jeans: H&M  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Mules: Zara  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Watch: Marc by Mar Jacobs  |  Tiffany Atlas Bangle  |  Vita Fede Titan Bangles  | Bvlgari Ring  |  Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring  |  Willow Jewelry Pearl Ring


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