Of Kings Hawaiian Sweet Roll Bread and False Eyelashes

Finally we found time to have lunch. Roxanne and me had a lot of catching up to do. One lunch break is not enough.

We haven’t seen each other in a long time now and we missed each other.

If you have been following my blog for a long time then you should know who Roxanne is. But for those who doesn’t, Roxanne is one of my really good friends. Tried and tested. That kind of friendship. The rare kind.

We go way back in the late 80’s.

11887980_942379135834232_4971197632025230498_nWe had lunch in Smith Butcher and Grill Room, along H.V. de la Cuesta in Salcedo Village.

After lunch I passed by Rustan’s Grocery and Watson’s. Just before I left the house Rochelle told me: “mam, wala na ho kayong tinapay sa umaga. Atchaka mam last pair na yang pilik mata nyo.”

So, that means I ran out of my favorite Kings Hawaiian roll bread and I need to buy false eyelashes. hahahahaha.

outfitIMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 Collage IMG_0795 IMG_0799 IMG_0801

Top: H&M  |  Skirt: Forever 21  |  Shoes: Topshop  |  Bag: Hermes Birkin  |  Watch: Michael Kors  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Hermes Kelly Double Tour Leather Bracelet  |  Willow Jewelry Serendipity Chokers  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Vintage Ring

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