Si Rochelle and si Mam

Rochelle is my girl upstairs. She’s the one who takes care of everything in all the rooms.

From cleaning, take care of all our things, look for misplaced things of the kids, charge our phones & laptops, my assistant when I dress up, etc. etc. etc. Anything that concerns upstairs, call Rochelle.

She’s been with us for more than 4 years already. The first time she came I was kinda hesitant to get her ’cause she looked so young. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 20 years old.

“May dala akong birth certificate mam.” I did not bother to check her birth certificate anymore ’cause I thought maybe she just look young.

Last year when my friend from London, Marivic, came to visit us and stayed with me for a few days, she asked Rochelle how old she was.

“Rochelle, ang bata bata mo pa. Ilang taon ka na ba?” Which Rochelle answered: “20 po mam”

What? I thought she was 20 years old when she first came three years ago. She should be 23 by that time.

“Ano? akala ko ba nung dumating ka 20 years old ka? Hangang ngayon 20 years old ka? Nag sisinungaling ka no?”

Then she started to laugh. Huling huli. Up to now I really don’t know how old she is.

It is too late already to fire her ’cause I already trained her well. It took me 2 years. And actually up to now there are still things she doesn’t do well. But with all her faults I kinda like her. Because she doesn’t steal. That’s my number criteria when getting a maid assigned in our rooms. It has to be someone who doesn’t steal.

We’ve been through a lot of girls who were assigned in our rooms and we keep on losing money, jewelries, clothes, etc. Everyday the kids lose money.

The kids are so used to have their stuff just laying around. Money especially. And we never learned our lesson.

I hate it when I have to lock my room. I hate carrying keys. Si Nana parang si San Pedro. Sangkatutak na susi dala palagi. I don’t want to be like that. I want someone that I can trust.

And that is Rochelle.

Ever since Rochelle was with us I don’t hear anyone screaming: “Mommmmm, someone stole my money” anymore. Not like before. It was on a daily basis.

Every time the kids would complain about Rochelle I always tell them, at least she doesn’t steal. That usually shut them up.

And she’s really a nice girl. Innocent and basically a good girl. She loves everything pink.

Among all my house girls she’s the one I spend most of the time with since she’s based upstairs. So, most of the time we are irritated with each other. hahahaha.

If you’re my friend on Facebook you probably know already our everyday asaran. And it’s usually about Schumi.

Last week when I came home from an errand I was wondering why Schumi didn’t greet me. He is usually the one I see when I open the entrance door. Wagging his tail and jumping on me.

Rochelle is always there with Schumi when I arrive. Since Rochelle gets my bag and my sunglasses every time I get home. That’s protocol.

Mam: na san si Schumi Rochelle?
Rochelle: nasa kwarto ng Mommy nya
Mam: ha? Sinong mommy ni Schumi?
Rochelle: si mam Claudia po
Mam: eh sinong daddy ni Schumi?
Rochelle: si sir Jean po
Mam: eh ako? Sino akooooo?
Rochelle: lola po ni Schumi!
Mam: lumayas ka sa harap ko!!!!

She is definitely having a bad day. “May araw ka rin sa akin.”

And today is that day. Claudia put an anti tick collar on Schumi some time last week and Rochelle didn’t know.

Rochelle: Mam, bakit iba na ang amoy ni Schumi ngayon? Masakit sa ilong.
Mam: bakit, pakiramdam mo ba parang ma mamatay ka na?
Rochelle: Nakaka hilo Mam
Mam: mag klaro ka dyn Rochelle kung ano ka talaga. Pag ikaw na himatay dyn isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun. Karapata ka, hindi ka tao

I was looking for her this morning to take her picture for this post. She was in Claudia’s room cleaning.
Ayun gumagapang sa ilalim ng kama ni Claudia. I told her “tayo ka dyan kuhaan kita ng picture.”
Which she happily obliged.


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