My Sunglasses Collection 2015

I get a lot of requests to do a blog post about my sunglasses/sunnies collection. And I never got around to do it.

Yesterday I was asked again so, I guess I don’t have a choice anymore.

Finally, the most awaited post is here.

I have been collecting sunglasses for a long time now. In the beginning I collected prescription glasses. I have very bad eyes and I have been wearing prescription glasses ever since I was in second year high school. I always buy more than 1 pair. For back up and some I can’t resist buying if I see some nice ones.

I have prescription glasses all over my house and for all occasions (hahaha). For home use, for going out, for the beach, for the car, etc.

That’s how my obsession started.

For me to be able to control my collection I gave myself just 2 drawers for my sunglasses. I have to fit everything in just 2 drawers. I have to give up a few pairs if in case I buy new ones.ย IMG_6489IMG_6488

I clean my drawers yearly. I give away the ones that I don’t like anymore. I usually keep the ones that are classic designs and the ones that has sentimental value to me.

One of the items that I cannot leave the house without is sunglasses. I never go out without one. Even if it’s cloudy or raining.

When we go abroad the number 1 on my list is sunglasses (second is cosmetics. hahaha). I bought most of my sunglasses during my trips abroad. I also buy online. And here in Manila I buy in Almeda Optical, Glorietta branch. The owner is my friend, Bombom Asturias and every time they have new stocks they call me. Or if there’s a particular pair I want they order it for me.

Okay, here we go.

  • if you have seen me wear a pair that’s no longer here that means I have given it away or Claudia lost it
  • you will notice that some pairs are the same but different colors. That’s because I cannot decide which pair to get. So, I end up buying both colors.


IMG_6208IMG_6216Collage (1)IMG_6196 IMG_6200 IMG_6203 CollageIMG_6209IMG_6214IMG_6205IMG_6407

PRADACollage (1) Collage (2) Collage (4) Collage (5) Collage (3) Collage (6) Collage (7) Collage

CELINECollage (1) Collage (2) Collage (3) Collage

GUCCICollage Collage (1) Collage (2) Collage (3) Collage Collage (4)


DOLCE & GABBANACollage (1) Collage (2) CollageCollage (1)Collage

RAYBANIMG_6283IMG_6285IMG_6287 IMG_6289 IMG_6292 IMG_6296IMG_6297 IMG_6302 IMG_6293IMG_6304 IMG_6305IMG_6307 IMG_6310 IMG_6312IMG_6314 IMG_6315 IMG_6317 IMG_6319 IMG_6321 IMG_6324IMG_6325 IMG_6328 IMG_6330IMG_6331IMG_6334IMG_6336IMG_6337IMG_6339IMG_6341IMG_6343IMG_6346IMG_6348IMG_6350IMG_6415IMG_6418IMG_6426

MIUMIUCollage (1) Collage (2) Collage (3) Collage (4) Collage (5) Collage (6) Collage (7) CollageCollageCollage (2)Collage


DIORCollage (1) Collage (2) Collage

VERSACECollage (1) Collage



HOUSE OF SUNGLASSESIMG_6422 IMG_6424 IMG_6428 IMG_6432 IMG_6447 IMG_6475 IMG_6486

ZARAIMG_6420 IMG_6453 IMG_6455


FOREVER 21IMG_6446IMG_6457Every time I come home the first thing that Rochelle do is get my sunnies and clean it before storing it.

I make sure it is clean before I put it away.

So, there you are.

Wish granted.

Sunglasses Collection 2015


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