The Necklaces I have been loving lately

I’m so crazy about our Serendipity Chokers. Obsessed is more like it! I wear it everyday. I even wear it when I take a bath and I wore it in the beach when I went to Cebu last month.

I love the ’70’s look and our Serendipity Chokers are so ’70’s. It’s fun, it’s easy to wear, it goes with anything and you can wear it anywhere.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to choose which accessories to wear every time I go out. It eats up my time actually. I have been so busy the past days and with everything that I’m doing now I don’t have time to waste. I just want it quick and easy when I’m dressing up. But still look chic and effortless.

Today, I am wearing 2 of our Serendipity Chokers and our hand stamped initial disc necklace with an off the shoulder top and linen loose khaki pants.

IMG_0339 IMG_0341 IMG_0340 Cadence and Piper Serendipity Chokers and our Hand Stamped Initial Disc  NecklaceIMG_0330And oh, by the way, I am also wearing our Madison Anklet to tie everything together.IMG_0335For your inquiries and orders, please email us at: /

Or you can call or text us at: +63999 881 1609

And you can visit our site at for more styles of our Serendipity Chokers or you can also visit our Facebook Page and don’t forget to like it if you haven’t already!

Thank you!


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