5 Beauty Products To Never Splurge On

1. Mascara 

– mascara is all about the brush. All mascaras are made of the same thing. Lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax and black pigment are the building blocks of all the formulas.

My favorite mascara is a drugstore brand. L’Oreal’s Miss Manga. I am not blessed with long and thick eye lashes. In fact I hardly have any eye lashes at all. 95% of the time I wear falsies. The times that I don’t put on my falsies I use L’Oreal Miss Manga.

photo-12Price: $7.99 or P359.55

2. Highlighter

– invest in a good brightening skin care. “Brightening” not whitening. If you have a good brightening skin care you won’t need an expensive highlighter.

3. Lip Balm

– admit it, who can finish a pot or a stick of lip balm? I have a tray full of lip balms that I hardly use. And it won’t matter if you’re lip balm is expensive, all lip balms have the same base ingredients, oils and waxes.

4. Brow Groomer

– whether you prefer your brow products in mascara, pencil or gel form, you can find plenty of options in the drugstore aisle that compete with the ones at the cosmetic counter.

5. False Lashes

– for your basic everyday (okay, the occasional Friday night) needs, Ardell lashes are what you’ll find in every makeup artist’s kit.

via Harpers Bazaar


  • Great tips – especially the mascara one. I’m guilty of still splurging on mascara, but there are SO MANY at the drugstore that I love!!! Miss Manga is UNREAL!

      • YES! I used to use the falsies!! Now I want to repurchase it!!! The only drugstore mascara that I have bad luck with is Cover Girl – always gives me raccoon eyes for some reason! LOL

  • I actually can finish a whole tube/tin of lip balm. I never lose it, and I’m very disciplined about having only one or two open at a time. My friends are always amazed that they see my tubes/tins na paubos na.

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