Touch Base: Update

I flew to Cebu over the week end to attend the wedding of a good friend of mine.

A lot of people told me that she must be very special. For me to fly to Cebu just for her wedding. And like I said I cannot not attend her wedding. Like I mentioned in my older post Ate’ is like a sister to me. We have been through a lot together and I love her dearly.

While in Cebu:

– nag bikini na naman ang lola nyo. We went to the beach in the morning of the wedding (ceremony was at 4:30pm) and got some color.11745577_923410927731053_6259926711773425707_n

– nag drama ang lola nyo. I couldn’t stop crying when I saw the bride walked the aisle.10649732_924922700913209_8155748677634725733_n

– na lasing ang lola nyo. My friends made sure that I got drunk. I don’t normally drink ’cause I am allergic to alcohol and I am super acidic. JSP gave me vodka tonic, non stop, the whole night.

Trust me. This is true.11752569_924919084246904_985440020181213978_n

– naging dancing queen ang lola nyo buong gabi. After a few glasses of vodka tonic I danced ‘barefoot’ until 1 am.10262079_924919047580241_1039946676157406291_n11755927_924919060913573_1491783797419735718_n

Took the early flight the following morning and arrived Manila safely. Back in the loving arms of my bebes. I was met with big wet kisses the minute I walked in.


And now, back to the grind.

I missed you all!


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