The Theory of Congruence – Rajo Laurel’s Cruise Collection 2015

Rajo Laurel’s Cruise 2015 collection entitled The Theory of Congruence will be launch on Saturday, July 18, 2015.11742787_922122677859878_1274467406453141267_nI must say this is one collection of Rajo that suits my taste and fits my lifestyle. Clean lines and neutral colors. So millennial and yet it is something women my age can wear.

When Rajo sent me some photos of the collection I got so excited and told him I have to have these in my wardrobe.

I was intrigued as to how he came up with this collection. Here’s an excerpt of my brief conversation with the designer himself, Rajo Laurel.

Me: How did you conceptualize and come up with this collection?

RL:  I wanted to approach this collection from a different perspective.  I started with things that I DID NOT LIKE! 

I wanted to see the reaction to what our collection will look like from things that immediately did not appeal to me. 

This being said I started with the subject that I detested the most in school.  MATH!  From here we studied different aspects of math and applied it to the collection, the angles, the shapes, the exactness. 

I wanted to develop a collection that interacts with each single piece and like “congruent’s” everything somehow fits together.  We then added another subject to the mix which I found really challenging Science.  So, we began looking at images from Chemistry labs and what not and then connected this things that I HATED and came out with something in my mind fresh.

Me: What materials did you use in this particular collection that you think will fit in “the theory of congruence?” Somehow when you think of how you approach this collection like merging math, science & chemistry people would wonder the materials used and the colors you chose.

RL: We used lots of natural materials this season. I am in love with cotton and linen now and this is somethings that is prominent in the collection.

We also have this go linen georgette that falls and feels like a dream. We then added some silk crepes and printed silks that were inspired by the repetition of mathematical symbols. 

There is also this double knit that reminded me of my mom’s dresses back in the day.

Me: Is this collection something different from what House of Laurel is known for?

RLThe shapes this season for HOL are still close to the codes of what we have been doing for the last 6/7 years which is about ease boxy shapes and interjected with slim pieces with attention to the waist. 

However, this collection you will notice that the clothes are more angular and cut further from the body creating this sense of rigidity but still relaxed.  Think of how one feels in a freshly starched and ironed piece.

Me: What is in this collection that your customers can look forward to?

RL: I love designing pants. Although for many seasons this has always taken a step back from our tops and blouses which always appeal to our customers. 

So, I would like to say that the pants would be something to look at this season. 

I also love the pythagorean inspired dresses and blouses which were patterned after intersecting circles.  It’s a rift and modification of our “circle” blouse which we have been doing since we opened HOL. 

I also would like to push or play on the basic “shirts” that we really played with by adding back details like ties and pleats. 

Me: Who or what is your inspiration in this collection?

RL: We are in the thick of preparing for our Holiday 2015 collection and this perhaps would be the most personal collection for me. 

My Lola Betty passed away last year and I wanted to pay homage to the woman who truly inspired me and defined my aesthetic and love for fashion.  The collection is inspired by my Lola Betty . 

Inspired by my memories of her as a child all the way till her last days. I wanted to go back and explore the feelings I would get when I would see her dress up and how this would look as a full collection.  It’s proving to be a really emotional journey and process and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out.  My love for beauty, fashion and life started from her and this is my way of remembering and giving honour to what she has given me.

Now to take a peek of what this collection is all about, here are some of the pieces that I personally love.

Apothem TopApothem TopArea Top and Vertex PantsArea Top and Vertex PantsAverage DressAverage DressBase JumpsuitBase JumpsuitBeta Top and Charisse PantsBeta Top and Charisse PantsBracket DressBracket DressBuquid TopBuquid TopChord GownChord GownConcave Top and Parameter SkirtConcave Top and Parameter SkirtCube Cover Up and Charisse PantsCube Cover up and Charisse PantsDelta DressDelta DressTell me, am I right? Or am I right?

All these pieces will be available in House of Laurel on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

House of Laurel Incorporated

6013 JD Villena St.

Poblacion Makati

Makati City

Telephone number: 899 99 46

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I don’t write something I don’t believe in.


  • You’re right! Lovely clean lines, easy to dress up or down. The shoes on the third photo are adorable!

  • what kind of shoes were the models wearing? was more interested in the shoes. thank you.

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