Preparing for a beach wedding

My good friend, childhood friend, my adopted sister and my partner in crime Ate’ (Teresa) Florida is getting married this week end in Chateau By The Sea Resort in Mactan, Cebu.

I have known Ate’ since she was in grade school. Her sister Marilou was my barkada in college and after college. Ate’ used to tag along with us ever since she was in grade school and that’s why I said ‘childhood friend’. Meaning her childhood not mine. hahahahaha.

Anyway, after she graduated high school she came to Manila and studied in La Salle Taft and we became more close ’cause I was already here in Manila working by that time.

All these years we have been constantly in touch after one boyfriend to the other. Hers and mine. hahahaha. Every heartache and every joy we went thru it together. Even after she moved back to Cebu.

So, anyway, she is getting married this week end. By the beach. That’s in 3 days and I don’t know what to wear.

Especially after receiving a memo from her thru text that I have to make sure that she has to be the most beautiful on her wedding day. Meaning I should tone it down.

What to do? Mukhang mahirap yata yan ah. hahahahahahaha

Okay, I will tone it down. Just for you. And only because it’s your wedding day.

I asked a few designer friends.

First off was Vania Romoff. When I texted her she said she was out of the country. But  she told me to go to her shop and look for Michelle (her sec). The most I did was call her shop and promised to drop by. But I never got around to do so.

Next was Ronald Villavelez of R&E. He is based in Cebu and one time we were chatting on Facebook and he told me he just recently opened a shop here in Manila. Ronald is one of the few young designers in Cebu that I believe in. I told him my dilemma and he told me to drop by their new shop in Palm Village, Makati. Wow, so near me. Love it. By the way, Congratulations Ronald & Enrico in your new shop!

I went there sometime last week and picked up 2 items. One pant suit and one off the shoulder dress which I both liked. When I fitted both outfits it didn’t fit me well. I waited the next day thinking it might fit me in the morning when I haven’t eaten yet. Apparently your chest doesn’t shrink in the morning pala only your tummy. hahahahaha. I had a hard time fitting my 34 double D twin girls.

So, I decided to just wear an old Vivienne Tam long flowy skirt and pair it with nice top from Topshop.

Yesterday Rajo (Rajo Laurel) messaged me and told me about his new collection that will be launch this Saturday. I told him I needed a dress for a wedding. He told me to drop by his shop. When I went to  Rajo’s shop yesterday the girl in his shop prepared a whole rack for me to try on. But all the pieces that was prepared for me was for formal wedding venues. It’s actually my fault ’cause I didn’t tell Rajo that it was for a beach wedding.

There was a hot pink off the shoulder pant suit that I love but it needed some adjustments. I don’t think it will be ready before I leave and I know they are very busy now for the launching of their new collection this Saturday.

So, I was back to my old Vivienne Tam skirt.

On my way home, I decided to drop by H&M. You’ll never know, right? I fitted 4 outfits and came home with two.

One shorts and jacket set and one grecian inspired maxi dress.

Now I’m more confused! I already have 3 outfits to choose from. I sent pictures to Pam and JSP and told them to help me choose. And both of them chose totally different outfits.

Oh emmmm geee.

Follow me on Instagram @tinatagle so you will be updated which outfit I will finally wear.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11Congratulations Joey & Ate’!

Through thick and thin.

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