My extensive chiropractic exam at N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I found out that I have scolioses when I was in my mid 20’s. It started with back pains that never seemed to go away. When I had myself checked the Doctor told me I have scolioses which at that time I didn’t know what it was. The doctor said curvature of the spine.

He told me to do some exercises and after a few months the pain went away. I started to have pains again in 2008 and when my Doctor did an x-ray and MRI he told me my scolioses moved a little.

I don’t know what happened but the pain went away. Or it would come back every now and then but I just carried it with me since it was bearable.

Until last May when I had a “car accident” (if you have been following my blog you will know that someone hit our car along EDSA) and I suffered a whiplash a few days after. My neck was so painful. It never went away and my back started to hurt again.

As usual I just carried the pain except for my neck I drank Ponstan.

When I had lunch with my friend Pam Garcia a few weeks ago I mentioned to her randomly that I am having neck pains and my scolioses is starting to bother me again. She told me you should see my nephews. They’re Chiropractors and they just arrived from the states and opened a clinic here in Manila.

A few weeks before Pam and I had lunch Vito was asking me to bring him to a Chiro. “Mom, I need to see a Chiro.” I didn’t take him seriously because Vito always has body pains due to his intensive work outs. I  always bring him to his orthopedic every time he is home from school.

And a few days before I saw Pam, Claudia has been complaining of lower back pain. Ever since she started to play tennis again she’s been suffering from lower back pain and it has been getting worst. So, she went to her orthopedic and he requested for an x-ray of her lower back.

To cut the long story short, I was meant to have lunch with Pam. Lol.

I promised Pam I would go and visit her nephews.

Dr. Miguel Flores and Dr. Gabriel Flores. Doctors for the millennials. 2 young doctors who are very passionate of what they do.


I first met them in the “community dinner” that they host once a month. They invite people and explain what they do. I told Doc Miguel in the community dinner that I have scolioses and I have severe neck pains after my “car accident.”

He told me I should see Doc Gab. He is the one who knows what to do with me.

Doc Gab is the Philippines only Toggle Recoil Upper Cervical Chiropractor. “The Toggle Recoil technique is utilized in the correction of the atlas vertebra. This method is dedicated to the restoration of health and healing of the body.” – Pam Garcia

That same week I went to see Doc Gab at their clinic in Jupiter Place along Jupiter Street in Makati.11694104_921033064635506_521217658471110746_nThe first person you see is Rita, their secretary.10996275_921033414635471_1391318425257418433_nShe tells you to log in and fill up some forms. When I was done filling up the forms I was lead to the office of Doc Gab.11401294_10153299105336343_2048058384288659067_n 11014809_921033657968780_3255950193300731087_n 11144079_921033734635439_5796113346600157866_nDoc Gab asked me a few questions on why I was there and I told him my situation. Doc Gab then started to explain to me what they do. As a Toggle Recoil Upper Cervical Chiropractor the only thing he will touch is the atlas vertebra. Atlas vertebra is that bone that connects our head to our spinal chord. This is what an atlas vertebra look like. (As drawn by Doc Gab)11401051_10153299102436343_9108720175160983834_nThis small bone connects our head to the rest of our body. If this bone is mis aligned then our whole body gets affected.

For him to know if my atlas vertebra is mis aligned he first scanned my nerves.

This is their Nerve Scan area.11753272_921033881302091_2300278046085522288_nDoc Gab scanning my nerves.11174969_921047997967346_8500545356553604850_nThen he brought me to their x-ray room where he xrayed 3 different kinds of position.

Their xray room.11742796_921034181302061_3087464130518004208_n 11223302_921033944635418_6257273995009080622_n 11709812_921034054635407_2946760056485541926_nIn less than 10 minutes I found out that my atlas vertebra is so mis-aligned and according to the results of my nerve scan and my x-rays it has been mis-aligned for the past 10 years already.

Rita scheduled me for my next appointment where Doc Gab will adjust my atlas vertebra. He has to study my xrays first so he will know how much he will move my atlas.

I was itching to go back to the clinic asap and have my atlas adjusted. Thinking that I have been walking with mis-aligned atlas for the past 10 years made me feel so unhealthy and unfit.

A few days after, I was back in the clinic to have my atlas adjusted. This is where Doc Gab adjusted my atlas.


It took less than 15 minutes for Doc Gab to adjust my atlas. I didn’t feel anything. After adjusting me he brought me to their waiting room.


I have to lie down for 25 to 30 minutes without moving after I was adjusted. They gave me a headphone to listen to music so I won’t get bored.

After 30 minutes Doc Gab came back and slowly helped me stand up. I have been suffering neck pains since May and after I was adjusted my neck pain was gone. I did not feel anything anymore.

Doc Gab was so amazed ’cause usually a patient will feel the response or result after a few days. Some after a week. Some after a few adjustments.

Doc Gab said I was the second patient that had an instant response to the adjustment.

I felt so light and relaxed. And the most important thing is my neck pain was totally gone. While I was in the car on my way home I kept on rotating my head to check if the pain is still there.


I am free of the pain.

I told Vinny, Vito & Claudia right away when I got home. And right now, as we speak, Vito & Claudia are both with Doc Gab having their atlas adjusted. Vinny will go when he’s no longer busy.

I went back a few days after I was adjusted and Doc Gab scanned my nerves again. This time my nerves were no longer that crooked unlike the first time he scanned me.11141343_921033591302120_5025674144168313637_nI’m very excited to see Doc Gab again for my next appointment.

Read about the extensive chiropractic exam here.

Please visit their clinic for more details about how to learn to “live with health and not disease.”

Dr. Miguel Flores/Dr. Gabriel Flores

N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Unit 301 Jupiter Place

136-138 Jupiter Street,

Bel Air Village, Makati.

Telephone numbers 5536218 or 0917-5710212


  • Doc Gab is good looking hihihihihihi

    You know what Miss T, I have right upper and lower back pain back when I was in college. Dito lang naayos when I moved here sa US. The chiropractor that I go to also finished her studies in Logan University. But they do things differently here. I find Dr. Gab and company is more specialized in certain areas of the spine. Which is good.

    I’m always looking forward for my adjustments because it “loosens” certain tight spots in my spine.

  • Pahabol Ms. T, I’m glad you found relief and solution to your back pain 🙂

    • My back pain is still there but my neck pain, no more! Na dala sa isang adjustment lang! But I know my back pain will go away after a few adjustments.


  • This article is so timely Ms. Tina, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Yesterday, i skipped checking if you have a new post because I was doing research on Chiropractors in the Phils., I came across Dr. Gab and Miguel’s website. When I searched for reviews, yours came up! My mom has been suffering from back pain for the last 6 months and physical therapy just doesn’t seem to work for her so I think it’s time to look for alternative, Thanks!

  • Ms. Tina, your blog entry is so timely. I had recently set an appointment with Dr. Gab next week. I had been suffering from lower back pain due to muscle spasm, & had been rushed to ER twice when i was not able to walk due to extreme pain. Xray results showed no issues on my spine, & my previous PT sessions brought no dramatic results. I had been living with this lower back pain for almost 13 years already, & such becomes aggravated whenever i work out. I strongly hope that my visits will help relieve my pain.

      • Thanks Ms. Tina. 🙂 I had my chiropractic exam today, and I told Dr. Gabriel that I saw your blog post about your visit to their clinic. Your post has greatly influenced my decision to try their clinic amidst other chiropractic clinics out there.

        Also, I saw Claudia when I was about to leave. I guess she is next in line for consultation with Doctor Gab. I knew her due to your posts and I am an instant fan – I love her beautiful smile and I strongly admire her for being an Ironman finisher at a young age. Deep inside I got excited seeing her, and I would have loved to say hi (feeling close lang), but I got shy. 🙂

      • you just made my day Betty! Yes, Claudia was there for her second visit. Dr. Gab already adjusted her 2 weeks ago. You should have said hi to her! I am glad you decided to visit Dr. Gab!

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