Mid July Haul

Roxanne, me & JSP had lunch in Kafè Batwan last Friday and going home I hitched with Roxanne. Joshua (driver) was still picking up Vinny from his lunch break (he had lunch out also) and I did not want to wait in the restaurant alone. So, I asked Roxy if she can drop me in Landmark ’cause Claudia wanted me to buy air tight glass containers.  I told Joshua to pick me up in Landmark instead. So, while waiting for Joshua I did my errand in Landmark.

When I was done buying Claudia’s glass containers I went around in the cosmetics section. Ang tagal ni Joshua.

I went a little crazy in Bath & Body Works section. Slight lang. And it’s Joshua’s fault.

This happened.IMG_5673I am not really fond of Bath & Body Works shower gels and colognes. I love their candles and hand soaps. Since the Bath & Body Works section in Landmark doesn’t carry candles I ended up buying some shower gels and colognes.

Believe me I smelled all the shower gels and colognes in their display cabinet. Remember I waited a long time for Joshua. I had all the time to choose. And these items that I picked up are all my type.

I don’t like sweet and flower scents. I am more into citrus and spicey scents.

So, here they are.

Shower Gels

Violet Lily Sky. It has Shea and vitamin E. This is not a citrus scent. It is more a fresh scent.

IMG_5570Wild Honeysuckle.

I know I said I don’t like flower scents. But this one is different. Honeysuckle is my Mom’s favorite scent. This reminds me of my Mom. IMG_5572Warm Vanilla Sugar

I love Vanilla Scents in Colognes and especially in Candles. Altho’ this one says Warm Vanilla “Sugar”, it doesn’t smell sweet. It’s a strong vanilla scent which I love.IMG_5575Malibu Heat

The scent of this is fresh and a little bit spicey. I love anything fresh smelling.

IMG_5578White Tea and Ginger

This is more on ginger scent than tea. This one smells a little musky and fresh.IMG_5580Fragrance Mists

Endless Weekends

What drew me to this is the packaging. I like the color combination. Other than that I also love the name, Endless Weekends. Altho’ this one smells a little sweet but it has a musky scent to it, so, I picked it up.

IMG_5582Sea Island Cotton

Like the first Fragrance Mist, Endless Weekends, I picked this up because of the name. Sea Island Cotton. It’s so cute. Reminds me of the beach, island life, sun and sky (cotton). In short, for me this is Hawaii in a bottle.

It’s a good thing that this one smells fresh and musky. I love the scent.

IMG_5586Hand Soaps

Kitchen Lemon

This is good for the kitchen sink since it has lemon in it. But I’ll put it in my bathroom sink instead.IMG_5588Citrus Sunshine

Again, another citrus scent. Love this, too.IMG_5589My next haul is from Chanel. Last month I dropped by the counter of Chanel in Rustan’s to find out if they have the Les Beiges collection already. There are a few items in this collection that I like and I wanted to get the  Lumière D’ ÈTÈ Illuminating Powder also.

The girl in the counter told me they don’t have it yet but it was coming in the next few weeks. I left my number and they said they were going to call me once it arrives. Yay!

A few weeks has passed but they never called. So, I tried my luck again yesterday and viola! They have it in stock! And they had the last piece of Lumièrè D’ Ètè Illuminating powder.

I went home with a few items in the Les Beiges collection and then some.IMG_5661LUMIÈRE D’ ÈTÈ Illuminating PowderIMG_5674Les Beiges Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine in Marinière No. 01IMG_5647IMG_5649Les Beiges Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine in Marinière No. 02IMG_5651 IMG_5652They have the shade of Stylo Eyeshadow that I like! This is one of the shades that is discontinued already. I was so happy to find it here in Manila.

Stylo Eyesadow in 147 Caroube

IMG_5635I also picked up their translucent loose setting powder.

Poudre Universelle Libre in 20 Claire – translucent 1IMG_5641And their brightening loose powder

Le Blanc Poudre Libre Blanchissante Lumière Rosèe in 20 OpalineIMG_5639For their give away they gave me these:

Vitalumière Compact Douceur in 20 BeigeIMG_5654 And Vitalumière Hydra in 20 BeigeIMG_5657I also went to the Stila Counter. (I didn’t know they have a Stila counter in Rustan’s!)

I picked up 2 make up brushes.

Shape and shade custom contour brushIMG_5591Blending brush in #9IMG_5593I also picked up their bronzers (I am obsessed with bronzers). The Set & Bronze Baked Powder TrioIMG_5597Stay All Day HD Bronzing Beauty Balm SPF 30IMG_5600Stay All Day Illuminating Beauty Balm Spf 30IMG_5604Their Long Wear Lip Color were on sale! 30% off (go now. They still have a lot of nice shades).  So, I picked up a few.

Long Wear Lip Color in PhenomenalIMG_5607 IMG_5610Long Wear Lip Color in RendezvousIMG_5612 IMG_5614Long Wear Lip Color in TreasureIMG_5616 IMG_5619Long Wear Lip Color in CoquetteIMG_5621 IMG_5624Long Wear Lip Color in DarlingIMG_5625 IMG_5627They gave me 2 Stila Lip Glaze in Cotton Candy as a give away.IMG_5631So, there you are.

I can now sleep peacefully at night now that I have my Chanel Les Beiges Collection. lol.

Have a fabulous week ahead!


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