True Story – Part 3

By popular demand I am going to proceed with part 3 today.

But for those of you who haven’t read parts 1 & 2, I will link it below.

Part 1 and Part 2

Please read parts 1 & 2 before proceeding, so you will understand my story.


So, that night we (my friend and I) found out thru his text messages on his phone that lolo doesn’t just have a wife who is suffering from cancer, he has a girlfriend (my friend) AND is still carrying a relationship with the mother of his love child all at the same time.

Tatlo as in 3 at the same time. Wow, lolo ha.

The very next day my friend became obsessed on who this woman (mother of the love child) is. All she knows is the nickname. That’s it. Just the nickname. She doesn’t know where she’s from, where she works, how old she is, etc.

She told me, “find that woman please. Find her for me. I want to know who she is, how she looks like and how involved she is with lolo.”

Patay, gagawin pa akong NBI.

So, like I said we only know her nickname. Just the nickname. Not even her full name. We don’t even know her family name. How in the world will I look for a person just by her nickname?

And also, she knows a certain family name that is related to her. I was given 2 names to work on.

But in less than 24 hours I was in front of, let’s call her lola.

I found Lola in less than 24 hours.

Here’s how I found her. I am not going to mention where she works to protect the innocent.

I called someone I know who had the same family of lola’s relative and asked him if he knows lola. Remember, I was given 2 names. The nickname of lola and the family name of her relative.

Get the drift?

When I asked my friend he told me outright: “oh, lola. I know her. She’s my cousin.”


I pretended to rent a venue for a party in the place where she worked. I asked for quotations and food menus and she entertained me very well. But I was sure she was wondering why I kept on staring at her.

After that business meeting with lola, I called my friend right away. I told her “game is over. Forget her. This is close book and I don’t want to hear about her anymore.”

Lola is so much older than my friend, on the matron side actually and my friend is so much prettier and of course so much younger.

Lolo told my friend that there’s no relationship between him and lola but they have to remain in touch because of their child. Ooookay. But what about the “I love you, good morning” and “I love you, goodnight” texts every single day? And “I love you” every single text that he sends to her?

And no wonder you would go crazy looking for him during week ends when he pretends he is with his family when actually he is not.

But my friend took lolo’s words. Hook line and sinker.

For me it was really up to my friend already at this point. I will not tell her what to do ’cause at the end of the day she will always follow her heart. It’s her life and all I can do is be there for her when she needs me.

Altho’ I feel it was not right anymore. But what can I do? I slowly distance myself from them. I still see my friend but I avoided lolo.

Until one night around 6pm my friend went to my house and asked me to accompany her to have dinner in High Street. She told me it was lolo’s birthday and he is having dinner in High Street with his family.

Say what?

She explained to me that lolo told her to be in Italianni’s at 7pm and to stay in another table. What about his family? What if they see you? She said they don’t know her.

Oh my god.

I was forced to accompany her because she was alone.

So, we were seated a few tables away from lolo’s family. Everyone in his family was there. His children, their wives and husbands, his grandchildren and his wife. And a few tables away was his girlfriend and her stupid friend (that’s me). Celebrating his fu*ked up life.

All through out the night lolo would stand up and pretend to go to the bathroom and would pass by our table and talked to us for a couple of minutes. He pretended he saw his friends.

I felt so uneasy that night I couldn’t eat. I was thinking, sh*t, we are no longer 16 year olds. It was so wrong in so many levels.

That very night I started to hate lolo. In my eyes he is a bad person.

I avoided him at all cost from then on. I didn’t want to see him or get involved with the 2 of them.

A year before this revelation about lola happened I had a transaction with lolo regarding his car that another friend bought from him. That friend bought his car in 2 years installment. Lolo sort of fu*ked up the last payment. I got so angry ’cause the payment was course through me.

I was then forced to communicate with lolo. But the thing is my friend never helped me. After all that I have done for her.

Of course my friend sided with him. Even if she knows that lolo was wrong, she still sided with him. She kept on telling me I am with you here, I am on your side and yet she didn’t do anything about it.

And that’s how I throw in the towel. I cut all ties with my friend from then on.

This was in November 2008.

That was the last I heard of my friend.

I am writing this story because like I said I had a reunion with my barkadas the last time I was in Cebu and they asked me about her. Can you imagine since 2008 this was the first time I got to think about her again. I totally erased her from my consciousness.

And when I told them the reason why I lost touch with her only then did I realized that what a colorful story this is.

I mean one for the books, like they say.

This is not about me trying to prove that I am the better person. I, too, have my own story to tell.

This is about friendship, loyalty, naivety, unfaithfulness, greed and selfishness. This story will make us ask what really is the true meaning of love.

And there will be evil and vile people that we will meet in our life. You just have to know how to detect them.

And that my friend is the whole reason why this story is written.


  • Oh my goodness. Thanks for the juicy story with a lesson in the end. Sometimes its best to leave the bad vibes and stay with the good ones. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing, Tina… You are a great storyteller!!! Ang galing!

  • Me too Ms. T, I stay away from crapola laden so-called friendships. Dati kasi, I thought pag naging kaibigan mo (e.g. elementary, HS etc) friends for life. Kaya lang kapag nagkalayo kayo for a time there will be changes in ones personality, habits etc. Pwede din namang walang nagbago. Ang nangyayari hindi na jive with what you had before.

    Anyway, thanks for the lesson that you imparted us.

  • ay, it’s sad for her family esp her daughters. i hope she will one day end it all.

  • What’s ironic about it is probably that the true love she’s been looking for has been there all along in the form of friends like you. :/

  • nakakaloka ang estapador na lolo! lol mas juicy pa ang kwentong ito sa mga telenovelas sa gabi! 🙂

    • hahahahahaha! Funny that you said that word cos that’s what I texted him before. I called him estapador and he threatened me after calling him that! Kakaloka talaga si lolo.

    • No. I started to blog again the year after we lost touch.

      I first blogged in 2001 then stopped around 2005 then my second blog was in 2009. I am not sure of the dates.

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