True Story – Part 2

I didn’t know how and what to feel when she told me she was back with the married guy. For a moment there I couldn’t close my mouth in disbelief.

But I was more happy to hear from her than concentrate on what she told me.

We became ‘bestfriends’ again.

In the long run I kinda understood why she was back with the married guy. I am not trying to justify her wrong doing. Being her friend I sort of understood her situation. And for me if you’re my friend, right or wrong, you’re my friend.

And it was not like she looked for him. It was sort of destiny.

Like I said her husband is an international flight steward. Most of the time he was out of the country. He was hardly home. And she became lonely (I know it doesn’t make it right).

She was a working Mom with 2 young girls and alone 95% of the time.

One day without her knowing the married guy saw her in the elevator of her office building (the elevator was packed at that time).  The office of the married guy was also in the same building of her office and she didn’t know.

The married guy left a message for her with the lobby guard of the building to give to her. The message was for her to call him and left his number.

She got scared and she never called him.

Until a few months after they were in the same elevator again. And this time she saw him. The elevator was still packed so they were not able to talk and she avoided looking at him.

When they went out of the elevator she hurriedly left but he caught up with her. Small talk. Exchange numbers. That was it the first time they saw each other again after more than 10 years of no communication.

It took a few months for her to agree to have coffee with him. And that’s how the affair began the second time.

She found out that when they parted he got involved with another woman (masyadong busy si lolo*) and had a child with her. He told her they were no longer together but he is supporting his child. And she believed him.

And his wife has breast cancer and has metastasized.

Their choreography was after she gets off from work at 5:00 pm they would meet in Starbucks to have coffee. Have dinner together and go to a motel and she would go home between 11:00pm and 12 midnight. Everyday (even if her husband is in town. When her husband is in town she would sleep with the married guy before going home and when she gets home she would sleep with her husband. Busy si lola mo**). Except on weekends.

Week ends was for their respective families.

By the time I reconnected with her this has been going on for 8 to 9 years already.

Since we became close again they would invite me for coffee or lunch every now and then.

I would squirm every time I see him. He was already in his 60’s.

First time I saw him after more than 30+ years, I imagined how he looks like naked. hahahahaha. Siguro kulubot na pwet nya***.

There was one time we were having coffee and she got so gigil with lolo and pinched his cheeks (like pinching a baby). Muntik ako na suka****. Yikesssss.  Ano ba*****.

Oh, god. I am so bad.

But then again, she was my friend. She was happy with him and maybe it was true love. Who knows?

While her affair was going on and even though I tried to understand her there were some points that I did not like but did not tell her.

1. I pitied her 2 young girls. They hardly see her. She would leave her house to go to the office before 7 am while the girls are getting ready to go to school or has left for school and she would come home past midnight and her girls are already asleep.

2. She prioritized the married guy over her children

3. She believed everything he tells her

4. She would extremely get jealous of her husband having girl friends (friends na girl) and yet she’s carrying an affair herself.

5. She would get jealous of the attention lolo would give to his ‘love child’

6. mag affair ka man lang bakit hindi sa bata? Bakit sa isang lolong manloloko******. I mean come on! This guy has screwed you up since you were 16 years old!

But who am I to judge?

But like I said she was a friend. So, I went along with what was happening. Besides I had my own troubles to take care of.

One night at around 11:30pm deep in my sleep my mobile phone started to ring. It was her calling. I picked it up. She started crying. I asked her what happened.

This is what happened.

They usually use her car to go to Tita Vicky (that was our code name for Victoria Court (motel), their second home. hahaha. And leave lolo’s car in Starbucks). She would drop lolo in Starbucks to his car and she heads home.

That night lolo accidentally left his phone in her car! She only noticed it when she was half way home already. So, what she did she parked her car and looked at lolo’s phone.

WRONG MOVE. F*cking wrong move, man.

After making halungkat lolo’s******* phone she called me and started to freak out. So, I told her to come over to my house since she was very near me.

She told me every thing what she read in lolo’s phone.

Pucha si lolo ibang klase********.

To be continued….

For those who don’t speak and understand tagalog, sorry. It sounds better when spoken in our native tongue. It has more impact. hahahaha. But here’s the translation.

* grandfather is so busy with his life.

**  your grandmother is busy

*** maybe his butt is all wrinkled

**** I nearly puked.

***** wtf

****** if you want to have an affair and fu*k up your life, why not get someone younger. Why does it have to be with this grandfather who is just fooling you and using you.

******* going through grandfather’s phone

******** WTF Grandfather?

hahahahahahahaha. This is getting to be so funny. I had fun translating this.

And please, no offense to people above 60. I have friends who are 60+ and I have my utmost respect for them.

This guy is something else.


  • We’ll definitely wait for the next post, Tin. Take your time. This is getting good! Andaman na ni ug snacks sa sunod kay sobra sa bestseller nga novel ni.

  • Juicy! But isn’t she reading your blog? Baka sabihin nya chinichismis mo sya. Hehe

    • I don’t think she is. But she could be.

      That’s why I am very careful in writing the facts. I make sure that what I have written is the truth. So, if she is reading this she will not say this is fiction.

      This story is about lolo not her 🙂

  • Oh my god! Para ka lang google translate and fb na me translate version na din ang mga posts! I love eeet! I applaude you for saying “if you’re my friend, right or wrong, you’re my friend”. I know some people struggle at that, I know I do coz I have a friend who’s in a similar situation and no matter how we justify it,in a way,wala tayong magawa kasi sila ang nasa situation! Dami ko sinabi!hahaha I’ll surely be waiting for the next part!!! Cliffhanger ito!heehee..good day Ms. T 😀

  • Ms. Tina you’re a good storyteller. Feeling ko kausap lang kita face to face. Nakakatawa yung mga expressions mo…hehehehehe

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