A day in the life of Ms. T.


I worked from home today. I did some paperwork that has piled up the whole week. And I also arranged my little ‘shop’ in the corner of my dressing room.

After breakfast I took a long bath and change into this house dress.11701056_914863365252476_1519253481513150883_n

And started my day.11223650_914862445252568_351164000932597342_nMy work table looks crazy. It always look crazy when I’m working. Somehow it gets so messy and crazy when I am on it. But that’s the way I like it. I can concentrate more when it is topsy turvy. hahaha.

This is how crazy it is.11659386_914862465252566_6380746728374246553_n 11705187_914862628585883_6704182618499156515_nBy 11:00 am I went down to the kitchen to cook and prepare lunch for Claudia and Vito. Like I mentioned before Vito eats lunch in the house. He is the only one who eats lunch at home. Vinny and Claudia usually eat lunch in their office.

Claudia didn’t work today so she told me to prepare lunch for her, too. She wanted her cauli rice (made of cauliflower), veggies and this vegetarian burger patties that she bought sometime this week.

I started her cauli rice and veggies first. 11210413_914862328585913_5190417543253348533_nIt looked like this when it was done.11540902_914862368585909_6916664086673895489_nWhile I was frying her cauli rice and veggies, I popped the vegetarian patties in the oven.


I don’t know where she bought these patties. It’s made of vegetables.  I took a bite and it tasted good.


She wanted to eat right away, so I had her food sent to her room when we were done. 11705118_914862401919239_1819289049881465669_nA little past 12:00 noon, Vito arrived.

I already know what to prepare for him. My friend Pam Garcia, the owner of Korea Garden, sent us food the other day. So, we just heated the Tak Kui or Spicy grilled chicken that she sent us. Actually, she sent us also Korean Beef Stew, Kalbi Kui (grilled spare ribs) and kimchi. 11403348_914863231919156_1252716160673140297_nAng dami namin. Nag microwave lang pala. hahahaha. We sent Vito his food in my room ’cause he wanted to eat there.11240086_914863328585813_679065967242351573_nAfter he ate he asked me: “where did that come from Mom? It’s soooo good!” I told him, “I cooked it.” And he goes, “as in YOU? You cooked it? Wow, it was so good Mom!” I felt so guilty, so I told him the truth. And he goes “I knew it!”


After eating my lunch I went to my favorite corner in my room that I call my shop. This is where I do my Willow Jewelry packaging and everything that concerns Willow Jewelry pieces.10985943_914863271919152_4495337163962220706_n 11140001_914863315252481_4380541615601745484_nSchumi popped in every now and then just to make lambing and make me kulit to play fetch with him.11665563_914863285252484_2899806142590726245_nTowards late afternoon I answered emails, mostly Willow Jewelry inquiries and just surf the web. I go mostly to the sites that I normal go to everyday. Read my favorite blogs and go to Facebook and watch videos in YouTube.11701093_914863378585808_3918480834447894405_nClaudia was the first one to arrive around 5:00pm and went to her room to take a nap. Followed by Vito. The first thing he told me when he arrived was: “what merienda do we have aside from siopao?”

My friend Russ just came from Davao the other day and brought me 1 box of my favorite siopao. So, I have been feeding him siopao after work for a few days now.

I gave him apple pie from S&R and German sausages instead.

Vinny arrived last and went straight to my room and joined Vito in my room. I love watching them bonding at the end of the day. Parang hindi sila nagkita ng ilang months. I tried to take a picture but Vito got angry and told me: “Mom, please maawa ka sa mga anak mo.”


So, that’s how I ended my week.

Have a fabulous week end everyone!


  • Hi.. I’ve been a reader of your blogs since way back (i.e. Serendipity). I’ve never left a comment but I think you are truly inspiring and such a class act. Thank you for sharing your life thru your blog.

  • Enjoyed (as always) reading about your day! Thank you for sharing! The veggie burger looks good. Maybe it’s available in Healthy Options? But I am drooling more on the Willow necklaces hanging on your work corner!!!

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