A True Story

I remember something that I told my college close friends (barkadas) when I met up with them when I was Cebu a few weeks ago. We were talking about one of our group mates that who just got lost (even with social media available now).

They asked me if I have heard from her since she’s also based in Manila.

Actually, yes, I heard from her. I told them. The last time was in 2008 and after that we lost touch.

And here’s the story why we lost touch.

I’ll start from the time when we were all in college.

We became a group when we were first or second year in college. I don’t remember now. We were such a tight group all through out our college days. We make lakwatsa together, cut classes together, hang out every week end, we knew each other’s family, we were family, so to speak.

This particular ‘friend’ met this guy from Manila and eventually became her boyfriend. She was 16 to his 35. And he was married. In the beginning we didn’t know he was married. She didn’t tell us. But eventually she told us and we didn’t care. She was our friend and we supported her. She was madly in love with the guy being her first boyfriend.

We were all young and didn’t know any better.

He would go to Cebu once or twice a month to visit her. He would rent a big car and put us all young girls together and treat us wherever we want. Steak dinner every night. So, at that time for as long as he fed us steak every night we didn’t care whether he was married or not. Lol. That, and we didn’t know who his wife is. So, that helped. Lol.

Every time the boyfriend would go back to Manila after 1 to 2 weeks stay in Cebu our friend would cry for a good 1 week. And we would cry with her. Not because there would be no more “steak dinners”  (hahaha) but because we really feel for her.

Ahhh… to be young and innocent.

Every time he would fly back to Cebu we would all cut class to meet him in the airport. That was how close we became to the married boyfriend. We feel that he was part of our group.

She eventually moved to Manila after college and continued their affair. She worked in her relative’s Travel Agency.

And we never heard from her.

So, when I moved to Manila in mid 80’s and also worked in the Travel industry we bumped into each other. I was so happy to see her! We then continued our being good friends.

At that time when I saw her again, she was no longer with that married guy and had a new boyfriend. I was so happy to find out that she was able to get out of that ‘affair.’ She met her new boyfriend in one of her trips. He was a flight steward, single and just about her age.

So, we hang out a lot when I was still new in Manila. It felt good that I had someone to turn to being new in the place.

She eventually married her new boyfriend and had kids.

Then we lost touch again. This was already in the late 90’s. I don’t know why she just suddenly got lost. I realized now that she is very good in getting lost. During that time there were no mobile phones, no internet, so, no social media.

I would think of her every now and then. But I became busy myself. I was already a housewife and had kids and was busy with my family. I didn’t know where to reach her. I don’t have her phone number. I didn’t know where she was working already (the travel agency of her relative closed down).

But she knew my landline. I still have the same landline up to now.  I was wondering why she never called me. I kept telling myself “you don’t do that to your friends.” Get lost and don’t call.

We never had an issue.

I got hurt and didn’t look for her. You don’t do that to your friends. You just don’t.

And then one day, she called my landline. This was already in early 2000. Mobile phones were already a fad. But no social media yet.

I was so shocked to hear her voice. The first thing I told her was “you don’t do that to your friends.”

But she explained and explained and explained. She was back with the married guy. This time they were both married.

And it was a full blown affair by the time she got in touch with me.

To be continued….

P.S. I’ll cut this up in 3 parts. Sorry. It’s a long story and I don’t have time to sit it out that long.


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